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mDT: Rashaud Scott 60.87/199-8


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  • mDT: Rashaud Scott 60.87/199-8

    1 Rashaud Scott JR Kentucky 60.87m 199-08 10
    56.05m FOUL FOUL 60.87m FOUL 58.80m
    2 Yemi Ayeni JR Virginia 59.50m 195-02 8
    54.61m 55.17m FOUL 59.50m 59.23m 58.36m
    3 Clendon Henderson SR Liberty 58.70m 192-07 6
    55.63m FOUL 58.36m 58.70m FOUL FOUL
    4 Leif Arrhenius SO Brigham Young 57.27m 187-11 5
    55.95m 57.27m 56.13m 55.57m 55.80m 56.15m
    5 Russ Winger SR Idaho 57.17m 187-07 4
    56.91m 57.17m 56.16m 54.45m FOUL FOUL
    6 Jason Schutz SR Colorado State 56.76m 186-03 3
    FOUL 55.75m 56.76m FOUL 56.38m 54.21m
    7 Greg Garza SR UCLA 56.71m 186-01 2
    54.29m 56.08m 56.71m FOUL 54.09m FOUL
    8 Martin Maric SO California 56.64m 185-10 1
    56.28m 53.95m 56.43m 54.28m 56.12m 56.64m
    9 Ryan Whiting SO Arizona State 56.27m 184-07
    50.69m 52.42m 54.83m 53.51m 56.27m FOUL
    10 Andy Fryman SR Kentucky 54.68m 179-05
    54.68m 54.39m 52.52m
    11 Darius Savage SO UCLA 53.67m 176-01
    FOUL 53.67m FOUL
    12 Wes Stockbarger SR Florida 53.32m 174-11
    53.32m FOUL FOUL

    Surprising win for Scott (well, surprising to me at least).

    What happened to Garza?

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    Re: mDT: Rashaud Scott 60.87/199-8

    Originally posted by Half Miler

    What happened to Garza?
    UCLA just seems cursed in this meet. Murphy's Law to the Nth degree....