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  • mHT

    unlike the woeful PV, this event had some good marks with PBs all over the place and looks like Dunkleberger got the A standard, both the Auburn boys surpassed the stadium record.

    Event 19 Men Hammer Throw
    ================================================== ===============================
    Auto: 67.00 Best 12 and ties by mark from qualifying to finals
    30 minutes flight specific warm-up, 10 minutes before finals.
    Advance best 9 plus ties by mark to reverse order finals.
    American: 82.52m 9/7/1996 Lance Deal, NYAC
    College Best: 82.56m 8/23/1995 Balazs Kiss, USC
    NCAA Meet: 80.86m 5/31/1996 Balazs Kiss, USC
    Drake Stad.: 72.78m 2002 Libor Charfreitag - Cory Martin, SMU - Auburn
    Name Year School Finals Points
    ================================================== ===============================
    1 Cory Martin SR Auburn 74.13m 243-02 10
    72.83m 71.39m 72.43m 72.77m 71.36m 74.13m
    2 Jake Dunkleberger SR Auburn 72.98m 239-05 8
    67.88m 68.84m 70.51m 72.98m 71.90m 69.72m
    3 Boldizsar Kocsor JR UCLA 69.92m 229-05 5.50
    66.39m 69.92m 67.80m FOUL 67.19m 66.83m
    3 Egor Agafonov SR Kansas 69.92m 229-05 5.50
    69.51m FOUL FOUL FOUL 69.92m FOUL
    5 Matej Muza JR Virginia Tech 69.83m 229-01 4
    65.62m FOUL 68.18m 65.67m 69.00m 69.83m
    6 Steffen Nerdal JR Memphis 68.21m 223-09 3
    FOUL 65.23m 64.66m 66.99m 67.69m 68.21m
    7 Colin Veldman SR Oregon 66.94m 219-07 2
    64.29m 66.94m 65.85m FOUL 64.80m 64.96m
    8 Andy Fryman SR Kentucky 66.03m 216-08 1
    63.51m FOUL 66.03m 65.68m 64.57m FOUL
    9 Marcus Mattox SR Idaho 65.39m 214-06

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    One of the best college hammer competitions ever that actually involved American throwers.


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      Note that the REVISED finals results broke the displayed "tie" in 3rd place. Boldi the Bruin finished 4th.


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        How could a computer program screw that up to begin with? Breaking ties in a field event doesn't seem like rocket science.


        • #5
          Martin improves his own CL, moves to No. 3 American collegian ever, and has farthest throw by an American collegian in 13 years.