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    Event 16  Men Triple Jump
     Auto: 16.20   Best 12 and ties by mark from qualifying to final                      
     30 minutes flight specific warm-up, 10 minutes before finals.                        
     Wind direction 1 hour prior.  Two flights, one qualifying pit.                       
     Advance best 9 plus ties by mark to reverse order finals.                            
        American:   18.09m  7/27/1996   Kenny Harrison, Mizuno                            
    College Best:   17.92m  5/20/1995   James Beckford, Blinn                             
       NCAA Meet:   17.57m  6/5/1982    Keith Connor, SMU                                 
     Drake Stad.:   16.84m  1985        Paul Emordi, Texas Southern                       
        Name                    Year School                  Finals  Wind           Points
      1 Muhammad Halim            SR Cornell                 16.66m   4.0  54-08.00  10   
         16.37m(4.0) FOUL      FOUL      16.66m(4.0) 16.59m(3.1) FOUL                     
      2 Andre Black               JR Louisville              16.65m   3.6  54-07.50   8   
         16.26m(4.4) PASS      15.69m(1.9) 16.55m(5.8) 16.54m(4.2) 16.65m(3.6)            
      3 Nkosinza Balumbu          JR Arkansas                16.56m   3.6  54-04.00   6   
         16.40m(4.9) 16.56m(3.6) FOUL      16.32m(3.5) 15.99m(2.7) 15.83m(2.9)            
      4 Rayon Taylor              SR Florida State           16.53m   5.0  54-02.75   5   
         14.05m(3.9) 16.53m(5.0) FOUL      16.07m(4.9) FOUL      FOUL                     
      5 James Lemons              SR Georgia Tech            16.49m   3.9  54-01.25   4   
         16.01m(4.6) 16.49m(3.9) 16.41m(6.6) 16.33m(4.8) 16.33m(5.0) 15.96m(1.7)          
      6 Ryan Grinnell             JR Boise State             16.32m   7.5  53-06.50   3   
         15.97m(3.1) 16.32m(7.5) 14.95m(4.1) 15.95m(0.3) 16.27m(1.9) 16.20m(1.5)          
      7 Shardae Boutte            SR Oklahoma                16.31m   6.4  53-06.25   2   
         16.15m(7.1) 16.31m(6.4) 15.95m(4.5) 15.73m(5.0) FOUL      PASS                   
      8 Austin Davis              FR North Carolina          16.23m   5.7  53-03.00   1   
         16.23m(5.7) FOUL      FOUL      FOUL      FOUL      15.81m(1.2)                  
      9 Clarence Smith            JR Penn State              16.19m   6.6  53-01.50       
         FOUL      16.19m(6.6) 16.05m(2.7) 15.67m(5.7) 16.11m(1.4) PASS                   
     10 Kyle Jenkins              SR Indiana                 15.96m   6.4  52-04.50       
         15.96m(6.4) FOUL      15.38m(3.9)                                                
     11 Tydree Lewis              SR Oklahoma                15.85m   5.2  52-00.00       
         FOUL      FOUL      15.85m(5.2)                                                  
     -- Jonathan Jackson          SR TCU                       FOUL                       
         FOUL      PASS      PASS

    Obviously some very favorable wind. Big "PR" for PSU's Clarence Smith (old PR was 15.75/51-8.25 I believe). I guess a +6.6 wind will do that. But he did back it up with a wind-legal PR 16.11/52-10.25!