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My Little League Son for Sullivan Award


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  • My Little League Son for Sullivan Award

    I'm starting a campaign to get my son nominated for the Sullivan Award. He's only 11, but by next year he should be the star pitcher on his team, and after what I read today from USATF, he certainly merits the chance.

    From USATF press release:

    Raschker named finalist for Sullivan Award

    Masters track and field legend Philippa (Phil) Raschker has been named one of the 12 finalists for the AAU James E. Sullivan Memorial Award, which recognizes the top amateur athlete in the nation. The 57-year-old track and field star was nominated for the award by the National Senior Games Association for her world record masters performances in 2003. Additionally she is recognized for her outstanding contributions for promoting women's athletics.  

    During the 2003 season, Raschker won numerous National Senior Games and National Masters Track and Field titles. She set age-group world records in the high jump, indoor heptathlon, pentathlon, and 60-meter hurdles. Competing at the World Masters Association Track and Field Championships this past season in Carolina, Puerto Rico, she won five gold medals in the heptathlon, 80m hurdles, high jump, pole vault, and triple jump.

    Raschker becomes the first track and field athlete over 40 years old to be nominated for the award. Over a span of 23 years of competition, she has won more championship gold medals on the international and national level than any other masters track and field athlete. She has been voted by her peers at the USATF Annual Meeting as the Outstanding Female Athlete of the Year 13 times.

    The AAU James E. Sullivan Award has been presented to prominent athletes of our time including last year's recipient Sarah Hughes. Others include: Bobby Jones (1930), Peyton Manning (1997), William "Bill" Bradley (1965), Dan Jansen (1994), Janet Evans (1989), Jim Abbott (1987), Jackie Joyner-Kersee (1986), Greg Louganis (1984), and the late Florence Griffith-Joyner (1988).

    ME AGAIN: By the way, I thought USATF was supposed to promote track and field. What do we care if past winners include Sara Hughes, Bobby Jones, Peyton Manning, Bill Bradley, Dan Jansen, Janet Evans, Jim Abbott, and Greg Louganis?

    That's nice for comparison, but how about a list of the track people that won the award? I pulled this from the AAU website, and its a pretty good group of people. And most of them are in the Hall of Fame.

    1996: Michael Johnson
    1991: Mike Powell
    1988: Flo-Jo
    1986: JJK
    1985: Joan Benoit
    1983: Edwin Moses
    1982: Mary Decker
    1981: Carl Lewis
    1976: Bruce Jenner
    1974: Rick Wohlhuter
    1972: Frank Shorter
    1969: Bill Toomey
    1967: Randy Matson
    1966: Jim Ryun
    1963: John Pennel
    1962: Jim Beatty
    1961: Wilma Rudolph
    1960: Rafer Johnson
    1959: Parry O'Brien
    1958: Glenn Davis
    1957: Bobby Morrow
    1955: Harrison Dillard
    1954: Mal Whitfield
    1952: Horace Ashenfelter
    1951: Bob Richards
    1950: Fred Wilt
    1948: Bob Mathias
    1942: Dutch Warmerdam
    1941: Les MacMitchell
    1940: Greg Rice
    1938: Don Lash
    1936: Glenn Morris
    1934: Bill Bonthron
    1933: Glenn Cunningham
    1932: Jim Bausch
    1931: Barney Berlinger

    Does Phil Raschker stand with that crowd? Nominate my son, please!

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    Re: My Little League Son for Sullivan Award

    As a masters athlete, I am familiar with her career and it the most decorated in history. I do have a problem with masters athletics in general (we claim our marks are equally as 'worthy' as current internationals, which they clearly are not), and the Sullivan award is a little much, but your insinuation ('nominate my son') is that she is not a remarkable and exceptional athlete, which she clearly is. She deserves your apology.


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      Re: My Little League Son for Sullivan Award

      She is a remarkable athlete FOR SOMEONE HER AGE. If that's enough to get her nominated, why should that not be the case for a kid who is a standout in his age group (be it age-11, age-7 or whatever) ?
      Było smaszno, a jaszmije smukwijne...


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        Re: My Little League Son for Sullivan Award

        My GUESS is that the AAU is suddenly taking the word "amateur" in its name very seriously and the real track and field athletes aren't allowed to be nominated because they're all pros. (But they could have found many choices better than the one they came up with)