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¶w100 Hurdles: Lolo Jones 12.45 (WL)


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    Originally posted by Jaack
    OF COURSE you are going to destroy your PR when you put a race like THAT together. It was Breathtaking. She managed that feat, that's hard to describe, but you only see it every once in a blue moon. When a hurdler gets so into her running, that she is barely up in the air and has skimmed over the hurdle like a stone on water. She managed that "extreme skim" on hurdles - 4, 7 and 9 whilst hurdles 8 and 10 were almost perfect and the initial three were pretty much as perfect as they can be without reaching top speed! So she still has room for improvement! The last person I saw skim that well was Svetla Dimitrova (another Bulgarian) who didn't have Lolo's basic speed but always placed because of her technique! I've never seen Lolo do it on more than 1 hurdle before.

    I may not be explaining myself very well, but if you watch the race again, you'll see the "extreme skim" and see what I mean!

    The free lane next to her, really gave her the freedom to run her race! Much like it helped Hayes when Felicien went Splat in Athens! I was never sure that Jones was the more talented hurdler (compared to her compatriots- Perry, Hayes etc) but, they have never been able to hurdle quite like that! :shock:
    She is amazing and her restraint upon winning is phenomenal... Actually, I really appreciate that joy about her.


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      Originally posted by jazzcyclist
      Without a doubt, the most enjoyable 12.3 seconds of the meet for me, and I really enjoyed the meet. Run Lolo Run!
      Have to second that. Very, very impressive.


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        Originally posted by Mennisco
        If Devers had hurdled like LoLo, would we have seen < 12.00 windy?
        Devers no doubt saw Lolo's race and said: Well, I could have challenged her!

        Here's a shot of Gail I took Saturday:

        Other Trials photos are here:

        K E N
        K E N