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Olympic Team Uniforms Revealed


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    Originally posted by guru
    Originally posted by Jaack
    Originally posted by guru

    Anyone know why they didn't use an actual team member for the female model? :roll:
    Oh that's COLD! Aww Brianna Glenn, Lord knows she wanted it so bad, the modelling of the uniform is ultimate irony however! :cry: :?
    She is quickly reaching Anna Kournakova status.
    Except she is no where NEAR as hot, and at least Anna made semi finals, Glenn has never made a champs! :cry: She IS dedicated and I don't want to knock a dedicated and genuinely talented athlete any further, however.


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      She opens herself up when she blogs over on trackshark about various repulsive male come-ons she's dealt with, mystery text messages she receives, her modeling gigs, etc. Finally got to the point where I couldn't read it anymore with a straight face.

      And seriously, they really should have enlisted someone for that photo shoot who is actually an Olympian, as they did with the man. Plenty of perfectly attractive women on the team, if that's what they were going for.


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        T&F meets S&M. Did Versace and Sher have something to do with this.
        Why not jus do the whole body suit thing if those hand stockings are meant for aero-dynamics? Worked for cathy.