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Edwin Moses comeback


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    Re: Edwin Moses comeback

    What would you think about a Tommie SMITH's
    come-back for the US Trials in 1996?
    Very, very hypothetical...
    So, Edwin MOSES 28 years later; it will be


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      Re: Edwin Moses comeback

      We are talking about Moses not your typical elite runner. Apparently, Moses is irrated by his critics. He believes his doubters are playing a role in the sports decline in this country.
      Moses has the mental and physical ability to break 51.

      FAST FACT:
      Apparently, Moses has an engineering degree and a 145 IQ.


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        Re: Edwin Moses comeback


        yeah, sitting right next to me in

        I really thought the folks on the forum had a grasp of what
        >takes to excel in this sport. Yet most of you actually believe that Moses
        >perform a miracle (pun intended) and make an olympic final. A 50 second
        >split is no jog around the track. I'll make a bet right now that he
        >break 53.00. Any takers?

        Well said! Finally, someone in this
        >thread (along with 'No Name') who actually understands T&F from an athlete's
        I really doubt that anyone on this board has as much of an understanding of T&F from an athlete's point of view as does Edwin Moses. All the naysayers speak as though he has no idea what it takes to run his target time. Pego even provided an arithmetical analysis (or at least added divided 50.5 by 2) to show how difficult and unlikely 50.5 would be at his age; this to the greatest 400H of all time who also has a masters in engineering and an MBA.
        I think Edwin knows how difficult this will be. Further, if it weren't so difficult it wouldn't serve the greater purpose of showing the power of sport to change lives (or even people's way of thinking about life). I hope he does it and I think he will.


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          Re: Edwin Moses comeback

          " Apparently, Moses has an engineering degree
          and a 145 IQ "
          A FASTER FACT to add:
          He has 48 years old bones and legs...


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            Re: Edwin Moses comeback

            Genius defies convention.


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              Re: Edwin Moses comeback

              which only brings us back to 'the spirit is willing . . .'


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                Re: Edwin Moses comeback

                Of course he was a genius.
                And I admire, certainly like all of us, this
                unforgettable maestro.
                But, Jackman, I cannot believe he could run a
                sub-52" 400m/h.
                This would be very interesting to know about
                coaches' opinions about his physiological
                400m/h potentialities.
                Mentally, we all know he is still the number


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                  Re: Edwin Moses comeback

                  Although Moses was one of favourites when he was competing, I surely hope that he doesn't make it to the Trials. Given the media (particularly USA media) propensity for preferring freak shows to real track news, all his appearance would do would be to steal valuable ink from more deserving athletes who actually have a chance to move beyond just making it to the first round of the Trials.


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                    Re: Edwin Moses comeback

                    Since I started this I should say that I believe the possibility of him running 50.50secs is virtually nil. I hope that once he gets on the track again he'll realise this pretty quickly and retire again. It would be great if he can do it but lets get real. I'm 46 and I've noticed a huge difference in my body's capabilities since I was 40.


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                      Re: Edwin Moses comeback

                      Of course, what he is attempting is unprecidented. It would leave physilogists bewildered. It definately seems impossible. This is exactly why he is making the attempt. And this is why it is good for T&F that he make the attempt.

                      It would be much easier for Moses to sit on the couch eating nachos like most others his age (and probably many on this board). The safe thing to do would be to stay at home and rest on his past accomplishments. After all his place in T&F history is very secure - he is to the 400h what Jordan is to basketball. But he is not taking the easy way out.

                      His attempt, even if it falls short, will accomplish two things. First it will bring some much needed attention back to the sport from the track-ignorant public. And, while it might be a side show, it will help to draw interest to the main event. Secondly, it will show many middle-aged fat-asses that there is another way. Age doesn't have to be an excuse to fold up camp and hybernate the post-30 years away.

                      Edwin should be commended for his courage not criticized for attempting what we see as impossible.

                      And while I too think the goal is ambitious to say the least, I will be cheering his efforts - whether or not he succeeds.

                      Go E.M.!


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                        Re: Edwin Moses comeback

                        I think I'm going to puke. Here's my take on this whole thing. It has nothing to do with track and everything to do with what Moses's job has been since he stopped running--the promotion of Edwin Moses. He has made a living out of being himself since he retired, capitalizing on his reputation and being a spokesman and a figurehead for various organizations.

                        Apparently these days there are too many potential clients for his "I'll let you use my name for a fee" business that have never heard of him. So he has to do something to raise his profile. What could be better than to stage a "comeback" that has everyone rooting for him. He becomes a popular hero once more and puts himself on the radar screen of all sorts of marketing people and causes who had forgotten that he existed. Then he can "retire" again and continuing selling himself.

                        How fast he runs has nothing to do with this. It's how much ink he can generate. And that's unfortunate because throughout the season, and up to and including the Trials if he qualifies, a lot of media types will be swarming all over him and writing about this ridiculous comeback when they could and should be writing about younger people who actually have a chance of making our team.

                        This publicity gimmick shouldn't work, but it's probably going to. If the people on this Board don't see this for what it is, not too many others will. It's a pity.


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                          Re: Edwin Moses comeback

                          Being an active Masters athlete - took one year off after college - I saw Edwin run at our Div III Nationals in 76 and 77 - I would love to see him succeed - but I would not wager on it. I have also seen other elite (Stones, James B. High Jumpers supreme, Bill Collins, James Lofton, James King, and a group of others) who stayed active - but father time does take its toll - the staying healthy if he trains hard enough to potentially hit the mark will be the biggest hurdle - very fit and hurt is a very common occurance in our age groups -


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                            Re: Edwin Moses comeback

                            I was under the impression that this board is full of stat freaks. Apparently that is not true. When was the last time he ran 50.50 or slower? I did some digging and as far as I see, only on 10.4.76 (to win the Dogwood Relays) and on 28.5.76 (failing to advance to the NCAA Division III finals).


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                              Re: Edwin Moses comeback

                              >When was the last time he ran 50.50 or slower? I did some digging and as far as I see, only on 10.4.76 (to win the Dogwood Relays) and on
                              >28.5.76 (failing to advance to the NCAA Division III finals).<

                              The more relevant question is when was the last time he ran 50.50 or faster?


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                                Re: Edwin Moses comeback

                                OK, Let me weigh in on this. Edwin Moses at 48 is not same as most of the rest of us at 48. Edwin has always taken extremely great care of himself, mentally and physically. Chances are the drop-off for age has not been as great for him as it has been for the rest of the population.

                                I give Edwin a real shot at returning to the low 50's (i.e 50.5 to 52.0) for the 400H. Yes his physical skills will have diminished but he is still as mentally sharp as ever and has arguably a greater understanding of the event (especially as a engineer) of anyone in the world and he still has the incredible self discipline that helped make him such an incredible athlete for all those years.

                                Its not like Edwin has to lose 50 lbs and begin running again after taking 10 yrs off. He has remained very fit all along.

                                Carlos Lopez won the Olympic Marathon in his late 30's, so my bet is that Edwin Moses can at least make the Olypmic trials in his late 40's.

                                Godd luck and God bless you Edwin!