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Tyson Gay's injury got me to thinkin' ...


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  • Tyson Gay's injury got me to thinkin' ...

    When I saw Tyson Gay pull-up with injury 'n drop to the track like a rag doll while viewin' the OT goings-on on the tube (I made it down to see the OTs live in '04 but not this time), it got me to thinkin'. I haven't noticed nearly as many such incidents in recent memory as I recall from the days of yore. In fact, by comparison, such "pulls" 'n related injuries seem way less frequent that what I remember in years gone by. I'd never really thought about it 'till seein' him go down. Is this "... just my imagination runnin' away with me ...", or am I on to something?

    It seems to me that top-flight ahtletes of today have all the bases covered re: systematic training, personal coaching, nutritionists, etc. (good God, that blue-haired swimmer, Dara Torres, spends ~$100,000 per year, or so I've seen it reported, on various support services each year. Talk about misplaced priorities!!!) and are in much better overall condition. Does this account for the difference? Is there a difference, or am I just delusional?

    I'm just curious 'n in awe of the modern athletes' ability to overcome these nuicances. All John Pennel had was cigarrettes ...

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    Dara Torres makes $20K-$30K per speaking engagement.

    That $100K/year she spends on trainers and other support staff isn't a misplaced priority, it's an investment. Going to the Olympics again will enable her to increase her fee per speech and the number of paid speeches per year, more so if she wins a medal.


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      I think the elite sprinters of today are overtraining less than they used to 10-20 years ago. Less time on the track running umpteen 200s and 400s, more time in the weight room building up strength so their body can withstand the forces involved in a tightly contested race.