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  • Heusden-Zolder

    Heusden-Zolder, Belgium - It was a firm announcement from Paul Kipsiele Koech at the press conference Friday (18), but the Kenyan looked very serious and determined when he talked about Sunday’s 3000m Steeplechase (20 July).

    “I will run at the KBC Night of Athletics as if it were the Olympic Games. My first target is to break my personal best of 7:56.37, but that would bring me close to the World record of 7:53.63. The pace will be set to break Saif Saaeed Shaheen’s World Record.”

    I was surprised that he didn't run in Paris yesterday, makes sense now.

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    Remarkable. Two of Kenya:s best, each left off of Olympic teams for whatever reasons, both tackling on the world record as redemption of sorts.


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      solid meet always. Hope this year brings the goods! I feel bad for Koech. Can't imagine how he is dealing with being left off the team. He should have been given the wildcard spot. AK is FUBAR if you ask me.


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        The last several years some of the Madison-based runners have been doing this (e.g., Tegenkamp) and they will be doing so again this year although Tegenkamp might be running the big 3000 a few days later instead.


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          Several Americans have, in the past, used this meet as an "A" qualifying chaser. One example is Jim Sorensen, who, after finishing 2:nd at the 1996 USA OT, set his lifetime PB at this meet. He was initially requested by meet management to rabbit, but was petitioned in.


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            i believe galen rupp ran his 13:37 high school record at this meet.


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              I think he did that Belgium or Italy. Could be wrong for sure.


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                Originally posted by doug091463
                i believe galen rupp ran his 13:37 high school record at this meet.
                You are correct (not trusting my own memory, I checked the 2004 results of this meet to confirm).


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                  Originally posted by jney
                  I think he did that Belgium or Italy. Could be wrong for sure.
                  The irony being how right you are!


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                    This meet was originally on WCSN's schedule and now it's not! :evil:
                    Starts 1:15 EDT
                    Any webcast? I want to see

                    SKIPPER TOMMY
                    MACK TIM
                    MILES DEREK

                    DEMUS LASHINDA

                    BARBER MELISA
                    JETER CARMALITA
                    WILLIAMS ANGELA
                    STURRUP CHANDRA

                    Triple Jump Women
                    LEWIS YVETTE
                    MCLAIN ERICA
                    MARKS SHANI

                    High Jump Women
                    HOWARD CHAUNTÉ
                    HELLEBAUT TIA

                    1500m Women
                    MORTIMER AMY
                    MORGAN UCENCY
                    TETER NICOLE

                    3000m Steeple Men
                    ALCORN KYLE
                    NELSON BILLY
                    KOECH PAUL

                    200m Women
                    KNIGHT NATHALIE
                    SOLOMON SHALONDA
                    GEVAERT KIM
                    JONES LAVERNE

                    BARRINGER JENNY
                    GALAVIZ LISA
                    WILLARD ANNA

                    800m Men
                    JOHNSON JONATHAN
                    REED GARY
                    KOMBICH ISMAEL
                    BURLEY SAM

                    1500m Men
                    WEBB ALAN
                    MYERS ROB
                    KOMEN DANIEL

                    5000m Men
                    SOLINSKY CHRIS
                    DOBSON IAN

                    5000m Men B
                    CURTIS BOBBY
                    GABRIELSON MATT
                    HAAS STEPHEN
                    MORGAN THOMAS
                    PIFER STEPHEN
                    RILEY JONATHAN
                    LUCHINI LOUIS


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                      domenica 20 luglio
                      - ore 19.10-22.00 in diretta su Planeta Sport
                      in chiaro su Hotbird 13°E e webcast
                      KBC Nacht van de Atletiek (EAA Premium Meeting), Heusden-Zolder
                      - repliche: lunedì 21 luglio, ore 4.15-7.05 e 11.10-14.00
                      - ore 22.30-23.30 in differita su RaiSport Più (canale 227 Skybox), in chiaro su Hotbird 13°E e sul digitale terrestre
                      - ore 19.15-22.30 in diretta su Al Jazeera Sport +3, criptato su 26.2°E e 7°W
                      - ore 19.15-22.00 in diretta su TV4 Sport, criptato su 4.8°E e 0.8°W
                      - ore 22.45-23.30 sintesi su Canvas, criptato su Astra 19.2°E

                      basically it says that it's televised live by Planeta Sport (RUS channel, 13°E), and also webcast at



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                        Gaevert takes the 100m from Stirrup, Jeter, Barber, etc.


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                          Does this site for the results work for anyone ?


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                            Originally posted by croflash
                            Does this site for the results work for anyone ?
                            This is gooder, but hangs up every now and then:

                   ... edule.html


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                              Since niether Rens Bloom nor Skipper have started at the bar is at 5.50, does that mean they were no shows or is Skipper finally healthy and starting above 5.50?

                              [edit] looks like no shows since it doesn't show them passing.