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  • Olympic poll

    I thought you might be interested in the following statistics about Athenians and the next Olympic games (based on a recent poll by GFK Market Analysis):

    21% are interested in going (buying tickets) to the Games
    58% would rather watch the games on TV
    9% have not decided yet
    12% have no interest on the games.

    The 4 major reason Athenians don’t want to go (buy tickets) to the games are:
    22% are going to be on vacation
    17% think the tickets are too expensive and they can’t afford them
    15% don’t want to go simply because it is more comfortable to watch the games from their couches (drinking retsina)
    12% mentioned agoraphobia!!!!

    The most popular events (tickets wise) among Athenians are:
    46% track and field
    22% weight lifting
    21% soccer
    12% basketball
    Anything else is less than 5%

    Those who are staying home and watch TV instead, are going to watch:
    62% track and field
    30% weight lifting
    19% soccer
    19% basketball
    18% gymnastics
    11% swimming
    Anything else is less than 5%

    40% of the Athenians think that the OG will bring a lot of problems to the city, whereas 29% believe that the city will benefit from the OG.

    Of the people who have negative opinion, 40% are concerned about the economy, 33% believe that taxes will go up to pay for the new constructions, 20% worry about national debt and 4% worry about increase in crime.

    Of the people who had positive opinion, 46% think that the Games will boost the economy, 33% believe that a lot of city problems will be solved, 23% believe that traffic in Athens will improve (I want to live to see this….), 33% think that the games will be a boost for tourism, and 19% think that the games will change the image the world has for Greece (mmm, I wonder what that image is).

    47% said that Athens would be ready by August
    28% said that it might be ready,
    12% no way
    7% ready but with problems
    6% no opinion

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    Re: Olympic poll

    I have no real reaction to poll but am thrilled that OLYMPICS ARE in GREECE where they belong ,SATCH THE GREEK and hopefully many others


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      Re: Olympic poll

      Yep Satch, I agree. I am beginning to feel the fever.
      "A beautiful theory killed by an ugly fact."
      by Thomas Henry Huxley


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        Re: Olympic poll

        me too..........


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          Re: Olympic poll

          You're never supposed to lose it! (You keep the flames fanned by dosing on World Champs, NCAA Champs, local high school meet, whatever it takes, in between. Even if it's just playing the Bruce Jenner decathlon game :-)