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Olympic Documentary on CBC now...


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  • Olympic Documentary on CBC now...

    CBC Television is showing a documentary entitled, "Beijing 2008; Opening the Gates to the East", and it is now in progress. As with many CBC-produced documentaries, it seems to be very well done.

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    "many"? Not all?


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      Point taken, gh. We could probably saw-off on the semantics, somewhere between "most", "almost all", or "the vast majority of".
      There is something to be said for a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, which sucks up some taxpayer $$$, but in return has the mandate and the funds to deliver some very high quality programs --- many of which might not be able to survive on purely the market driven economy.
      I don't know how accessible the CBC is on either cable or dish, South of the border, but it certainly looks like "wall-to-wall" coverage from Beijing. And the good news (not for Canadians) is that the relatively small number of potential Canadian medallists will lessen the ethnocentricity of the coverage, thus increasing the total non-Nationalistic coverage.
      I think life's necessities, such as buying groceries and brewing beer will have to be on a tight schedule from August 8th - 24th. :wink: