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  • 4x4 splits

    Whomever is doing the timing at the WC/OG usually keeps this data fairly secret awhile, but nice to see that the official site here is listing the auto splits for the 4x4s (no, don't expect any for the 4x1s).

    Although those are "auto" splits: the frst leg is taken at the line (obviously, with a fixed camera), so only represents a true time for lane 1. The others vary from fast to way-fast, depending on lane, with the 3-turn stagger not taken into effect.

    We should have some proper splits for the first two legs once we get all unwrapped. ... 8-22.shtml

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    ps---oops, they aren't using lane 1 here, so forget that part.


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      Re: 4x4 splits

      Originally posted by gh
      Whomever is doing the timing


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        Sure looks like the splits for the first handoff were taken at the respective 400 marks.

        And if they weren't why doesn't Wineberg have the fastest leadoff split since she was the first across the finish line(in 48 and change I might add)?


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          well I'll be go to heck.... I do believe you're right. Now to try to find out how they took the splits. They certainly didn't have a camera at each exchange point. And their transponder splits are only to 10ths. So........?


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            Originally posted by gh
            Now to try to find out how they took the splits.
            I've been wondering about that all day. Hi-speed video?


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              That's not Omega's schtick.


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                i notice a 44.25 anchor leg for Andrae Williams on the bahamas team in the 2nd prelim heat.. that aint shabby? again not sure how they're measuring these really -- his flat SB was 45.52


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                  There's no question about the validity of the times. Williams has exceeded himself on 4x4s before.


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                    the splits for legs 1&2 are derived from takign photo as each team crosses the line, then using the "IAAF Formula" (which I assume is the good old Bob Sparks Formula) to extrapolate the handoff time. Which gets increasingly dodgy the farther out in the lanes you are.

                    T&FN will carry to the 100th, but with an * to denote that they weren't actual proper photo times.