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Geb vs Bekele


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  • Geb vs Bekele

    I dont think Bekele has surpassed Geb on the all-time list but he is coming close. Geb really messed up by passing on marathon for 10k. Air didnt look bad to me. Bekele did the double something Geb was scared to even try. If Bekele can increase his versatility a little and/or get a few more records/golds, I'd move him past Geb.

    Of course, Hicham still beat him in '04!

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    Geb has two Olympic and six world championships medals (four gold) in the 10.000m. He also has a silver medal in his World Champs 5.000m collection.

    Bekele has two Olympic 10.000m gold medals and three World Champs ones in the same event. He has also earned three global medals in the 5.000m, one an Olympic gold. Bekele has never finished lower than third in any major championship he has contested indoor/outdoor/xc in a race in which he has finished.


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      Mostly agreed, but I don't think Bekele had severe blisters from the 10000 meters like I recall Gebreselassie having in Atlanta. There was no way Haile could have doubled in 1996 (pretty much at his peak) with that track.


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        I would still rate Geb very slightly ahead. The reason: His personal bests
        are comparable to Bekele's---despite being from an earlier generation, and
        despite Bekele having Geb's times to aim at. Had they been born in reverse
        order, Geb would likely have the better times of the two.

        However, I have little doubt that when they have both finished their careers,
        Bekele will be the number one.