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The Second Chance Grand Prix


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  • The Second Chance Grand Prix

    For the purpose of this thread, I am playing the part of a meeting director for a make-believe Grand Prix to be held over the next few weeks, featuring all the post-Olympic line ups that the real hardcore fans want to see, especially including athletes who suffered various misfortunes in Beijing and then pitching them against the Oly champs.

    Which of these athletes do you feel will be most motivated to perform well? There is no right or wrong answer - this is a purely hypothetical thing!

    Here are the startlists:

    Usain Bolt (as meet director, I am guaranteeing a +2.0m/s headwind to see if he can improve his record)
    Churandy Martina (he'll be desperate to prove his 19.82 wasn't a fluke)
    Wallace Spearmon (see above)
    Tysan Gay (more room to make up ground in the 200m than in the 100m - can he be competitive with the top guys?)
    Jaysuma Saidy Ndure (He looked to be in great form in the rounds before not starting in the semis and ran 19.8 last year. Can he match it here?)
    Francis Obikwelu (He DNSed in the heats of the 200 - perhaps he was too tired after the 100? But he has had a rest now...)
    Kim Collins (a GP sprint race wouldn't be a GP sprint race if Collins wasn't in it - he ALWAYS finds his way in!)
    Bryan Barnett (Has bags of talent, but doesn't seem to compete on the GP circuit often, so I'm giving him a chance after he pulled up injured in Beijing)

    Jeremy Wariner (Let's see if he can rectify what went wrong)
    LaShawn Merritt (Can he go even faster with Wariner breathing down his neck?)
    Denis Alekseyev (Will he be able to translate that 43.5 anchor leg into a European record?!)
    Angelo Taylor (I'm afraid there's no 400H in this GP, but the 400H champ can have a lane in the 400 flat)
    And then some athletes who could have been within a shot of a medal had they run as fast as they did in the semis, including:
    Martyn Rooney, Johan Wissman, Chris Brown, and Leslie Djhone

    Yuriy Borzakovskiy (Would have been interesting to see what he could have done in the Oly final - had he qualified for the damn thing!)
    Wilfed Bungei (Gotta have the Oly champ in...)
    Abubaker Kaki (Just what DID happen to you, dude?! Here, have another chance...)
    Mbulaeni Mulaudzi (Another who didn't fare to well at the Oly, but usually performs well in GPs)
    Rashid Ramzi (We've seen what you can do in the 1500m, now try something a bit shorter)
    David Rudisha (You didn't miss much in Beijing - this GP is where it's at!)
    Gary Reed (Fourth is the worst place to finish - he'll be keen to make the top three here)
    Nabil Madi (I hadn't heard of you before Beijing, but you looked pretty tough in that semi final)

    Dayron Robles (The man who has it all - WR, Oly gold)
    Liu Xiang (I'm pleased to announce he is fully over his injury and is raring to go)
    Ladji Doucoure (His peak seemed to come a bit too late for Beijing - but perfect timing for this GP!)
    Terrence Trammell (Tough luck in Beijing, but here's another chance to prove yourself)
    Allen Johnson (Sentimental fave and crowd-pleaser, even though you didn't make it through the US Trials!)
    David Payne (Has a habit of making the top three when it matters... and it matters in this GP!)
    Artur Noga (The Oly final was somewhat depleted, but this final is stacked - and I've got the feeling that you could be dragged to a pretty awesome clocking)
    Colin Jackson (You love to remind everyone about how great you are, so here's your chance to prove it!)

    They had a great tussle in Beijing, so you've gotta have the gold and silver medallists - although expect some failures and scares at the early heights: Steve Hooker and Yevgeniy Lukyanenko
    And don't worry - there's no qualification round to get through this time, so come on down: Brad Walker, Paul Burgess, Jeff Hartwig, Alhaji Jeng, Romain Mesnil, Aleksandr Averbukh.

    Jamaica (As good as your WR was, there was room for improvement on the changeovers... go for the 37-second barrier!)
    Trinidad (You have the talent to break 38 seconds... here's the place to do it)
    Japan (Just to get all the Oly medallists in)
    And now some teams who have promised that they'll get the stick around this time:
    USA, Great Britain, Nigeria, Poland, France

    Shelly-Ann Fraser (You had zero wind with that 10.78... this track is a bit more breezy)
    Veronica Campbell-Brown (No selection policies to worry about here)
    Kerron Stewart (and try to get a better start this time, please)
    Muna Lee (As above)
    Kim Gevaert (Thanks for coming out of retirement, by the way)
    Jeanette Kwakye (With a bit more wind, that British record - and I'm talking 11.10 - is yours!)
    Sherone Simpson (Let's see if JAM can go one better than in Beijing and get a 1-2-3-4)
    Debbie Ferguson (Fan favourite)

    Sanya Richards (It's a GP, so she is bound to perform well)
    Christine Ohuruogu (Now, just think that this is a REAL important race... and don't ease up before the line!)
    Nicola Sanders (Missed the Oly final by one place - luckily a lane is spare here)
    Novlene Williams (As above)
    Allyson Felix (Fastest 4x400m split for the second year running. Time to translate that to the individual)
    Lyudmila Litvinova (Another fast splitter in the relays - should be able to go sub-50)
    Shericka Williams (Seemed to have more in the bag in Beijing - time to unleash it!)
    Amantle Montsho (Here, have ANOTHER chance to prove that 49.8 wasn't a fluke)

    Lolo Jones (Time to vent all that post-Oly frustration)
    Susanna Kallur (As above)
    Josephine Onyia (Whatever you were doing at the start of the season, try to do it again please, 'cos that was awesome!)
    Dawn Harper (You da champ... so you da one they want to beat!)
    Priscilla Lopes (Gotta have the medallists)
    Sally McLellan (As above)
    Delloreen Ennis-London (It wouldn't be a GP hurdles race without one or two Jamaicans)
    Brigitte Foster (As above)

    I'm pleased to announce that all injuries to 400m hurdlers have now been healed, so let's start with: Jana Rawlinson, Huang Xiaoxiao, Yuliya Pechonkina and LaShinda Demus.
    And now for the Oly medallists: Melaine Walker, Sheena Tosta, Tasha Danvers.
    And this one has promised me she is only going to do one event at this GP: Ionela Tirlea

    Naide Gomes (No qualifying to worry about!)
    Blessing Okagbare (You earned it!)
    Tatyana Lebedeva (As this is part of the Euromeetings circuit, I wasn't allowed to invite Maggi, so you've got no excuse not to win!)
    Carolina Kluft (Please prove that your LJ decision was a good one!)
    Brittney Reese (I'm sure Kurt could iron out your technique to have you jumping 7.30m...)
    Yargelis Savigne (No TJ here, but I'm a fan of Cubans, so have a place in the LJ final instead)
    Tatyana Kotova (Tough luck about missing the Oly final by one place - here, have a place in this GP instead)
    Bianca Kappler (Because I like you... but don't tell my girlfriend!)

    Let's start with the baton-droppers: USA, Jamaica, Great Britain, France.
    And add them to the top four from the Olympics: Russia, Belgium, Nigeria and Brazil.


    And yes, it goes without saying that this thread is purely a product of post-Beijing boredom ops:

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    Re: The Second Chance Grand Prix

    Some additional late entries:

    Abraham Chepkirwok
    Yeimar Lopez

    Entered in the B race: Yusuf Saad Kamel

    Kelly Sotherton
    never mind the limitation to 8 lanes

    Lyudmila Kolchanova

    final event of the night:

    Nancy Jebet Lagat
    Lisa Dobriskey
    Maryam Jamal
    Tirunesh Dibaba
    Meseret Defar
    Iryna Lischynska
    Nataliya Tobias
    a surprise Russian pacemaker


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      Fun stuff. Hope the first one could be held somewhere around 10-12 days after the last Beijing final, allowing the Olympic Village stuff to get worked out of the system, the hang-overs time to dissipate and give the athletes an opportunity to get back to real sounds and real foods.

      Oh, and a few days of proper training again and an adjustment back to one:s real time element.

      There:d have to be a huge incentive for some of the above athletes to show (Borzakovskiy and Kaki, for instance), as the pinnacle and climax was to be met in Beijing, not afterward. Wallace Spearmon and Tyson Gay have in the past shown over 200m that there is HUGE potential after championships conclude.


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        Re: The Second Chance Grand Prix

        m800Yuriy Borzakovskiy - disinvited due to high stress levels for his fans

        m4x100 - USA - disinvited due to high stress levels for their fans

        w4x100 - USA - disinvited due to high stress levels for their fans


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          I'll go with Naide Gomes and Lolo Jones as the most motivated. Nobody beat them, they beat themselves.


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            i would like to see usain bolt in a 400 with wariner, merritt and the other top 400 runners,

            before this year bolt was considered a 200/400 runner. and bolt ran a 45.35 for 400 at age 16, i think it would be fun to see if he can beat the top 400 runners and maybe get the world record and maybe break 43 seconds. it would be very interesting


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              M. 400 - add Tyler Christopher, with his flu bug gone...


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                Originally posted by rasb
                M. 400 - add Tyler Christopher, with his flu bug gone...

                Definitely add TC. I don't see him beating the big boys but give him a chance to run...poor guy.

                I wonder if gary will run in Europe. Last year he passed up big bucks to come home and he said he is emotionally and physically exhausted.

                How much ya willing to pay big shot meet director?.... (as I play Gary's agent for this little game!) 8-)
                And a big yes to Colin Jackson running. :lol:

                Oh and Lolo for most motivated.


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                  Great idea and thread, Jon.

                  Looking at the w400 hurdles, if everyone is healthy, this is one of the deepest talent pools at the top we have right now.

                  I would also add Yeimer Lopez to the 800 instead of Madi and hire Johnny Gray to see how fast the guys can go. Speaking of pacemakers, we could just take all the starters that were in the w5000 final and add Olga Komyagina.


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                    I dare say that Vlasic would be tagged to the maximum.