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4 x 4 question?


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  • 4 x 4 question?

    I have always wondered why almost all second leg runners on a 4 x 4 seem to bolt for the inside rail just as soon as possible. Seems to make tactical sense in some instances but for most wouldn't a straighter trip down the back stretch reduce times? Or does the benefit of drafting off those in front of you make up for the additional distance run?

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    History:s best (and fastest) break-in runner? Quincy Watts, who ran at a perfect angle toward the 200m marker following the final stagger.


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      Drafting shuld make up for the lost distance. Note that the lost distance is really fairly minimal because they angle that they cut in at is not that sharp. I think that another consideration is position before the curve; establishing position is worth more in saved distance on the curve than is lost on the straight.

      Cutting in 5 full meters (about Lane 7) in 40 meters instead of 80 only costs 30cm ~ 1 foot and it drops rapidly; coming in 2 meters (over 40 rather than 80) costs 5cm ~2 inches.