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Webb to race any?


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  • Webb to race any?

    He's not on the Zurich nor Gateshead startlists. I was hoping to see him try to salvage something of this season. Anyone read or hear anything about what he's up to and what went wrong?

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    Leading up to the US OTs, he had said that he overtrained in the early part of the year, during when he was doing that Central Park 8k and such, and that he had to back off and recover for a while. so, i guess his training was not on schedule going into OTs - which we all saw. He had the endurance, but not the sharpening for racing.

    By now, he should have been able to put SOMETHING together in terms of getting race ready. I have seen nothing of him since Eugene.


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      Without actually looking at the start lists for either of those meets, is it possible he's not on either for the simple reason that the organizers don't consider him good enough in this Olympic-centered year?


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        What have you done (for anyone) lateley? Oooh ooh oooh yeah.


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          The flip side to Garry's question is that maybe he realized that being overtrained in July, his prospects of being in better condition now are dim. If I were him, I would be licking my wounds, resting up, and planning for redemption in 09.


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            it's not like webb needs to payday going to europe and racing...

            resting, and base building would be my best guess....

            i suspect he'll be back next year, and the 1500 world trials in eugene should be interesting....

            does lagat do 1500, 5000 or both ...

            webb....i'd wager he's got a score to settle in the 1500...


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              Originally posted by az2004
              webb....i'd wager he's got a score to settle in the 1500...
              With himself????


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                of course, he's got to prove 2007 was not an anomaly, the the american record and the fast 800 are the real webb...

                in 2000 and 2004 olympic trials, he raced, the key word is raced, well...

                2008...NOT..over training could be the problem, BUT a coach getting a fairly experienced guy to over train, does NOT speak well of that coach...

                personally, i'd prefer webb seek a new coach, but who knows if that's gonna happen