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  • Drafting

    it does exist

    someone posted me these links

    post now & analyse at leisure ... id=1331759 ... ex=16#page

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    The energy cost of overcoming air resistance in track running may be 7·5% of the total energy cost at middle distance speed and 13% at sprint speed. Running 1 m behind another runner virtually eliminated air resistance and reduced O2 by 6·5% at middle distance speed
    this may be where they got that 7% figure from previous posts ... ex=17#page

    80% of the energy cost of overcoming air resistance can be abolished by shielding
    tentatively, we do hve support for the drafting hypothesis

    using jrm's calc on hicham's 3'26.00, it indicates perfect drafting behind wabbit to the bell ( 2.75 laps ) yields ~ 1.5s/lap, worth

    ~ 3'30-flat solo

    if you recall bayi ran 3'32.2 solo, hicham actually is probably not that much intrinsically better

    also thinking about it, ryun's 3'33.1 off a derisory 1st lap was probably worth ~ 3'31 ( at worst ) if he run hard from gun - now keino led him for some part before ryun overtook him - it woud be good if someone coud look up race reports - considering it was much slower dirt track ( say 0.5s - 1s/lap slower ), i'd be pretty surprised if there was any significant difference between hicham/ryun in actual 1500 ability - i'd possibly even go with ryun being better, as dirt/synthetic conversion puts him at

    ~ 3'27.3 - 3'29.1

    with limited wabbiting that keino provided

    put ryun on a decent synthetic track post '70 in that form & perfect wabbiting i'd have been completely unsurprised if he'd gone

    3'25 - 3'26