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Men's stats from Beijing


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  • Men's stats from Beijing

    A look at the results of the men’s “finalists” in each event (top 8 in each event, and excluding the walks and relays) shows the following:

    70% of sprint/hurdle finalists were from US/Caribbean. (US had 35%, but due to entry restrictions, it is only possible to have 37.5%)
    81% of distance finalists were from Africa. (US had 0%).
    47% of throwing finalists were from Asia; 40.6% from Europe. (US had 3.1%).
    48% of jumps finalists were from Europe. (US had 3.1%)

    By event type, running: 40% of finalists were from Africa, 32% from US/Caribbean, 17% from Europe, 4% from the rest of the Americas, and 3% each from Asia and Oceania.
    By event type, field: 44% were from Europe, 33% from Asia, 13% from US/Caribbean, 4% from Africa, and 3% each from the rest of the Americas and Oceania.
    Walking events: Europe had 43%, Asia had 25%, Oceania had 19%, the rest of Americas had 13%.

    Overall Europe led with 29.2% of the finalists (these include relays, multi’s and walks).
    Africa edges US/Caribbean, 23.4% to 22.9%. Asia, with the largest population on the planet, had 16.1% of the finalists, and the rest of the Americas and Oceania had 4.2% of the finalists each.

    By population:
    US/Caribbean – 11 finalists per 100 million people.
    Europe – 9.2 finalists per 100 million people.
    Asia – 0.98 finalists per 100 million people.
    Africa – 2.7 finalists per 100 million people.
    Rest of the Americas – 1.45 finalists per 100 million people.

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    5000 is a distance race, right? Lagat and Tegenkamp both won their semis.


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      Yes they did, but I was limiting the events to the top 8 since many events only had 8 in the final. They didn't place in the top 8 in the final. To have included all participants would have meant events such as the 10K and marathon would have skewed the analsis unfairly, when a great many of those competitors had no chance to medal..