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What about next T&FN cover ???


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  • What about next T&FN cover ???

    What kind of superlative about Usain BOLT would you put on the next T&FN
    Big-Bang over sprint.
    Sensational BOLT : a new sprint era...
    :?: :idea: :?: :idea: :?: :idea:

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      Bolt on the front, with "9.69" and "19.30" in big block letters, is a no-brainer. On the left side, "Jamaicans go bonkers".

      On the bottom right-hand corner in small print, "Disaster for U.S. track".


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        Originally posted by CookyMonzta
        Bolt on the front, with "9.69" and "19.30" in big block letters, is a no-brainer. On the left side, "Jamaicans go bonkers".
        On the bottom right-hand corner in small print, "Disaster for U.S. track".
        IxNay on the 'Disaster' - we did fine.

        I like the big block numbers, but my text would be

        Bolt Boffo in Beijing!


        Bolt Electrifies Olympics!


        or Bolt Voltage!


        The Bolt Jolt!


        Bolt Leads Jammies to Sprint World Domination!


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          On the bottom right-hand corner in small print, "Disaster for U.S. track".[/quote]

          IxNay on the 'Disaster' - we did fine.

          No, we certainly did not do "fine. " Not a disaster, but also far from "fine."

          Count the plusses, then count the expecteds, then count the minuses, and that sure does not add up to "fine." Not even close. The only event we did better than expected in were women Discus, women 10 K, women Heptathlon.. that's it ! Not in one single men event did we do better than expected.

          the disasters, disapointments and mild disapointments are numerous. Can you spell "relay" ?! m PV ? m SP ? Lagat ? Richards ? etc. etc.

          Sure we did great in m 400, m 400H, m 1600 R and Decath. but they were all expected.

          So do not kid yourself. We did NOT do "fine."

          C - is my grade, compared to expectations. That's a "fair."


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            [quote="dukehjsteve"]C - is my grade, compared to expectations. That's a "fair."[/qoute]

            we . . . did . . . fine

            My golden expectations and how we did
            400 - SWEEP! - better
            1500/5000 - we had deluded ourselves into thinking BL could do it again, but it really was a long shot, given who won and how they won - not unexpected
            400H - SWEEP! - better
            PV - BW was co-fave and didn't get it done - worse
            SP - expected 2 medals, got one - worse
            Dec - CHECK!

            100 - you saw it - we deserved not to win
            200 - ditto
            400 - worse
            100H - CHECK! (not who we expected)
            DT - BETTER!

            so we have a wash, just as many ups as downs. Now the relays:

            m4x4 - CHECK!
            w4x4 - CHECK!

            and then the 4x1 relays . . . sigh . . . did ya REALLY EXPECT the men to beat Jamaica? NO. Since the Jammies swept the 100 WITHOUT VCB, could the women beat Jam? NO.

            We did fine.


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              A picture in full flight, obviously. "The Guy Can Run": W. Dix . Don't need Usain's name at all.


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                how about isi? is there anyone else who dominates her event totally like her?


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                  I know this isn't going to happen but what about a split cover, shocker. :shock:

                  The Headline:

                  The Ethiopian double mint twins

                  Bekele and Dibaba


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                      Originally posted by Bruce Kritzler
                      Bolt's signature pose is that of an archer, not a torch-bearer. :P


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                        USA no
                        USAIN yes...

                        Jamaican Earthquake

                        Jamaican Golden Age

                        Crazy !!!

                        Jamaican Revolution

                        :?: :idea: :?: :idea: :wink:


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                          Marlow says ''we did fine'' Nowt wrong with the occasional delusion or two.

                          The Americans fans on this Forum if exhibiting some harsh truths cannot deny a feeling of triumph was in the air for potential USA Golds/Medals, immediately after the Trials.

                          I may have missed those saying we might not win the Shot ,folks, or we might not get any finalists in the HJ, LJ, TJ or Lagat might not do anything much or CO will beat the saintly Sanya or the Jamaicans may wup us in the men and womens sprints. Was any one brave enough to say that the American 800/1500 men/women would be out of their depths and it would have been sacrilege if any outsider had even dared to suggest that USA would not get the baton round in both the sprints Relays

                          How ironical that two gold medals came from athletes never even seriously considered

                          There was no track fan on this planet who would not have expected the Americans to top the table , especially after the outstanding efforts in the Far East last year.

                          Accept the USA team underperformed ,compared with its hopes and expectations , but made up for it a little with the Discus win and Flanagans great Bronze .

                          Berlin will be different, I think.


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                            How about this one:

                            Bolt posing and pointing to the sky, as has become customary.

                            Caption: "No explanation needed."


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                              Usain, Insane Lightning Bolt !?