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GL Bruxelles m100m - Usain Bolt 9.77


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  • GL Bruxelles m100m - Usain Bolt 9.77

    Mario Forsythe JAM*
    Kim Collins SKN
    Michael Frater JAM
    Asafa Powell JAM
    Churandy Martina AHO
    Usain Bolt JAM
    Travis Padgett USA
    Nesta Carter JAM
    Ronald Pognon FRA*

    Start: 20:25 CET

    Tyson Gay DNS
    Marc Burns DNS
    * new entries

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    the main event.


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      Meet record: 9.84, Asafa Powell, 2007
      Last Olympic-cycle winner: 9,87, Asafa Powell



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        sub-10 at Van Damme

        9.77 Usain Bolt JAM 1 05.09.2008
        9.83 Asafa Powell JAM 2 05.09.2008

        9.84 Asafa Powell JAM 1 14.09.2007
        9.87 Asafa Powell JAM 1 03.09.2004
        9.88w Maurice Greene USA 1 25.08.2000
        9.90 Frank Fredericks NAM 1 22.08.1997
        9.92 Maurice Greene USA 2 22.08.1997
        9.94 Tim Montgomery USA 3 22.08.1997
        9.94 Maurice Greene USA 1 28.08.1998
        9.99 Shawn Crawford USA 2 03.09.2004
        9.99 Justin Gatlin USA 1 26.08.2005
        9.99 Asafa Powell JAM 1 25.08.2006


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          No Coverage of what could even become THE greatest SPORTS mo

          No Coverage of what could even become THE greatest SPORTS moment FOR EVER

          Brussels Van Damme Meeting 2008, Usain Bolt, Asafa Powell and End Times Reductionism

          If you live in the UK, Germany, France or almost all the rest of EU and you don't understand why NOBODY gets the chance to watch what is announced as one of the greatest sports moments ever (1) and could even become THE greatest FOR EVER (2), then you still did not get ANYTHING (3).

          (1) At the 100 m event of the Van Damme Meeting in Brussels:
          - Usain Bolt, who became the greatest athlete ever just two weeks ago, after pushing the 100 and the 200 m world records at Beijing, VERY close to the human limits...
          - will be competing against Asafa Powell, who just three days ago run the 100m in 9.72 s at Lausanne, the only performance nearing Bolt's performances, besides Michael Johnson's 19.32 s in the 200 m in Atlanta, 1996.

          (2) Since we have now reached the limits of human possibilities in the most natural sports (which, no wonder, were also the only to become global), it is a logic consequence that such a moment like tonight is not only a premiere in the History of Mankind but also that it can be repeated but not surpassed in the future.

          But even the chances that it can be actually repetaed are very slim: as a consequence of one of the Laws of End Times Reductionism, which states that the human limits - which in natural societies were kept constant ever since day 1 - are now (in Illuminati End Times) decreasing.

          That Law is based on another Law of End Times Reductionism, which states that all basic systems, water, food, air - required for maximum performance in natural sports - are now compromised and deteriorating at an overall exponential rate.

          (3) Who, How and Why explained long ago -
          Google, as usual, knows it best:


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            Yupp Matt exactly my thought!!!

            In another matter, what's the weather forecast look like? 8-)


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              This could be huge... However its been wet and/or raining just about all day. Still very heavy sky with moisture in the air. I REALLY hope it clears in the next few hours. Seems to be very high interest here--meet is sold out and people were lining up at a couple of the gates hours ahead of the official start of the meet (only a bit more than an hour from now)...


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                It has been raining lightly on and off for most of the day here, could go either way from there.


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                  We just had a short, yet strong, downpour.

                  Marc Burns is also out. Slight strain, but should be okay by WAF.


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                    100-meter freestyle coming up


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                      Originally posted by gh
                      100-meter freestyle coming up
                      I expect Phelps to pull a convincing win over Bolt.


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                        ESPN just announced they are cutting live to the 100 m at 2:25 eastern.

                        Is this a first? They didn't even show the Olympics live.


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                 ... index.html


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                            Gaveart's 11.25 bodes ill for sub 9.8.


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                              Bolt: 9,77
                              Came back on Powell