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    In the world championships or the Olympic Games, how far in advance does a country have to submit their relay line up? Also, can a country change the order of their relay right before the race or does the country have a certain amount of time in which to name the order of their relay team?

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    The entry deadline for the relays is the same as for every other event--usually a few weeks before the start of the competition. Under current rules, the teams must submit six names, and if the country has entries in the 100 or 400m, those entries must be included in the 4x100 and 4x400, respectively, if they enter those events.

    Then they have to confirm their entries in the event a day or two before the first round of the event, just as in every other event. I believe they don't have to confirm the actual four runners and their order until they check in at the competition (perhaps an hour before the race). In the first round, they must use four of the six names they've entered in the relay event, in any order. In the final, they can substitute two of the four they've in the first round and replace them with anyone else entered in the entire meet in any event, not just the relay. Again, they can run in any order. (I'm assuming only two rounds.)

    All of this info is usually findable on or through the IAAF web site.


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      Originally posted by tandfman
      In the first round, they must use four of the six names they've entered in the relay event, in any order.
      One clarification, from IAAF Competition Rule 170.17:
      Any four athletes from among those entered for the competition, whether for that or any other event, may be used in the composition of the relay team for any round.


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        You're right.


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          Thanks tandfman and Davidokun!


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            When the relays were three rounds at the OG and WC, there used to be an issue because the rules did not allow a runner who ran in the first round but not the second round to come back in the third round. A team was not allowed to run in the 1996 final of a realy because of this. Now that there are only two rounds, the rule is moot if it is still on the books.


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              The rule is still in the books, and it is not moot because in some meets, there could be three rounds.