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WAF mJT (Vadims Vasilevskis 86.65)


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  • WAF mJT (Vadims Vasilevskis 86.65)

    Vasilevskis leading after 2 rounds with 85.62 (and a 83.59 to back it up). Thorkildsen's first was a coffee-bean 83.77 and not surprisingly he's going to skip the rest. Pitkämäki failing to hit a good angle...

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      Originally posted by imaginative
      A soft throw with no soul in, with nowhere near all of the available energy behind it. One that made it obvious Thorkildsen just wanted to get some sort of mark without splitting his groin and then call it a day. One that really made me hope we'd've seen a healthy Andreas Thorkildsen this post-season - those couple 90+ comps were no coincidence.

      In such a superman's absence, and the Finns' complete failure to hit an angle or position, Vasilevskis dominated this one (with a further last round improvement to 86.65, and even the worst throw near Thorkildsen's mark).

      Vadims Vasilevskis 85.62 83.59 85.47 86.65
      Andreas Thorkildsen 83.77 - - -
      Tero Pitkämäki 81.64 X 80.22 X
      Eriks Rags 80.12 78.30 71.89 80.78
      Tero Järvenpää 72.44 76.90 79.96 73.71
      Ainars Kovals 79.57 X X X
      Alexander Vieweg 69.37 X 74.65 73.23
      Tom Goyvaerts 73.47 70.64 68.75 69.65


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        Järvenpää has said that his goal for next year is to throw 90 meters, should be possible under the right circumstances.


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          Thorkildsen felt the last two meets were too close together as he was still bothered by his groin.
          But as he said, he was not going to be an idiot and really go for it in this meet and risk a month of rehabbing.
          He will be fine in a few weeks but will not throw again until after Christmas.