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What does "Kip" mean in Kenyan names?


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  • What does "Kip" mean in Kenyan names?

    Six of the men's 5K finalists were Kip-somethings. Does it mean "son of" or what? I reckon Garry Kiphill or Kipmarlow, maybe Kipepelle or Kipsquackee might know the answer. Thanks.

    Jay Kipkinsman

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    google is your friend:

    Traditional Kalenjin names are commonly drawn from a stock of just a few dozen, both first names and surnames from the same limited inventory. A son takes his surname from his father, as in the West, but the name he takes is the fathers first name. Typically, a child is given a name at birth that relates to the circumstances of the birth. A boys name usually starts with the prefix Kip, a girls with Che or Chep. Thus, for example, a boy born at dawn may be Kipkoech; one born at sunset, Kiplagat; born outdoors, Kipsang; born during a drought, Kipkemei, and so on. A few months after birth, the child will be given an ancestral name, used only by close relatives, and these days most children are given a biblical name as well.


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      Thanks. Would've looked myself, but I'm on friend's slow computer with malfunctioning mouse.