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Does the WAF matter?


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  • Does the WAF matter?

    Here's a conundrum for the TFN rankers:

    What if an athlete were to win an event at the 2008 WAF:
    1: against four 2008 OG finalists (6th, 7th, 11th, 12th)?
    2: but not the first 5 from the OG?
    3: and against the #4 jumper on performances (and most consistent on GP circuit)?
    4: but in a performance that ranking =28th on the yearly list and was a seasonal best?
    5: and had 1 GP win, and a few placings?
    6: but didn't make the Olympic final?

    Would they be any chance for a top 10 ranking?...given this is supposedly a meet of some note...

    I'm asking about Fabrice Lapierre, who snuck into the LJ at the WAF only after others ahead of him chose not to attend (he was 8th on the standings), and after a win in Zagreb got him that as high as 8th...

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    The WAF only matters if the field is made up of the best in the world i.e. wHJ.

    Some of the fields were so pathetics that the event is completely pointles the m200 being the best example.


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      This event matters far less than a decent GL meet.


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        From a planning and organizational standpoint it is a no win. If you don't make the money 2 to 3 times that of the best GL meeting then you will have anemic participation and performances. If you do make the money that big, then you have athletes sandbagging at the major championships (ie OG or WC) and early season meets to be fit in mid September for the big payday.


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          Originally posted by kuha
          This event matters far less than a decent GL meet.
          It matters to the athletes who participate. There was something like $3 million in prize money at the WAF. I don't think any GL meets pay that kind of money.


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            Money is money, no matter the color, so in that regard the meet matters. For bragging rights, for who's better talks, and for downright good competition I say the WAF is morel like a denoument to the season as opposed to the "climactic" event as advertised in the front page link.


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              I'm surprised there isn't a better turnout to be honest with the money on show but hey ho, such is life I guess.

              I don't remember any WAF being quite as rotten as this year's, though...there were so many big names missing. Post-Olympic comedown I guess


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                IIRC, this was the sixth WAF, and it had by far the worst weather.


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                  it's another meet in my eyes, although, iaaf tries to imply it's more important...

                  me thinks not