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Doug Logan addresses masters track in Q&A


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  • Doug Logan addresses masters track in Q&A

    Doug Logan, the new CEO of USATF, has replied to my masters track questionnaire -- only five days after I submitted it! Not bad.

    He doesn't allow himself to get pinned down, however. He repeatedly says: I don't know enough yet to answer. I give him points for honesty.

    But this 1,400-word exchange at least shows him wrestling with issues of concern to masters track (or at least me). And this is the first time in his two months as CEO that he's even uttered the M-word publicly.

    Check it out:

    K E N
    K E N

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    This will probably disappoint you Ken, but I don't think USATF should spend much on Masters Track at all. When I send in my dues, I hope it will support youth and OlyDev programs first. Masters can pay for themselves. If you want to be in a meet, help pay for that meet - or don't go. Whether DLogan attends the NatChamps is of no concern to me. Nor should he care about records - we should police that ourselves. Masters Track offers nothing to T&F except a buncha geezers trying to relive the glory - that's what I'm in it for - just to compete again is fun and if if I have to pay, I do.

    I hope the National Office doesn't spend much time on us - we are old broken-down has-beens and of little concern to anyone but ourselves. I love Masters Track and will compete as long as I am able, but to spend finite resources on us is not conducive to a better USATF.

    Sorry. ops:


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      I echo Marlow's Masters T&F.
      I competed until injury and subsequent arthritis retired me. It was fun but did not advance the greater glory of T&F.