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Oregon Favored for both Men and Women NCAA/XC


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  • Oregon Favored for both Men and Women NCAA/XC

    Here are the rankings. Especially on the women's side the Pac 10 is heavy at the top but missing the rest of the league. A lot of East-coast schools that have reputations to repair as the East Coast schools filled almost the entire bottom third of the NCAA meet unless you touched the Gulf as well as the Atlantic. [As a side note, Wisconsin's men's team is only ranked slightly higher than their football team (6 vs 8) despite the fact that in football they get nowhere near the recruiting classes of the SEC/Pac10 and they have holes as a result.]

    1. Oregon (12)
    2. Oklahoma State
    3. Colorado
    4. Iona College
    5. Alabama
    6. Wisconsin
    7. Portland
    8. Michigan
    9. Minnesota
    10. Georgetown
    11. Stanford
    12. UTEP
    13. Virginia
    14. Texas
    15. New Mexico
    16. North Carolina State
    17. Northern Arizona
    18. Providence
    19. California
    20. Notre Dame
    21. Cal Poly
    22. Arkansas
    23. William & Mary
    24. Florida State
    25. Auburn
    26. Texas A&M
    26. Villanova
    28. Syracuse
    29. Iowa State
    30. BYU

    1. Oregon (10)
    2. Florida State (1)
    3. Washington (1)
    4. Stanford
    5. Arizona State
    6. West Virginia
    7. Princeton
    8. Michigan State
    9. Minnesota
    10. Illinois
    11. Arkansas
    12. Texas Tech
    13. Wisconsin
    14. Colorado State
    15. Florida
    16. Providence
    17. Michigan
    18. Rice
    19. Northern Arizona
    20. Duke
    21. Georgetown
    22. BYU
    23. Colorado
    24. Baylor
    25. Boston College
    26. Stony Brook
    26. Iowa
    28. North Carolina
    29. North Carolina State
    30. Nebraska

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    Wow, CU women way down to 23rd.


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      Originally posted by DrJay
      Wow, CU women way down to 23rd.
      ...and behind the CSU women. I think that the thinking is that Jenny B will not be running this fall. However, if the posters have her included into the mix then 23rd implies a very weak supporting cast. Is Liz P still competing?


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        Ops, I had forgotten they fell to 23rd at last year's NCAA meet.


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          Originally posted by DrJay
          Ops, I had forgotten they fell to 23rd at last year's NCAA meet.
          And did virtually nothing of note on the track indoors or out last year.

          5 points TOTAL as a team at the Big XII indoor meet (all thanks to Sara Vaughn's 4th in the mile). Can you imagine a CU team not scoring a point in the 3k or 5k? Bizarre times in the Big XII.

          Didn't get much better for the Buffs outdoors, with 13 total points (8 in the steeple from Barringer, nothing in any other events 800-10,000).

          That said, it could have just been a particularly nasty injury season for CU, and they do return 1-2, 4-6 from the team that ran at NCAAs, including the 2nd and 31st finishers.