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    Originally posted by mrbowie
    A personal relationship twixt two consenting male adults is nobody's business. Leave them alone for goodness sakes.
    Where in this inexcusably long thread is there any discussion of a consenting relationship between two adult males?


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      EPelle's reply to my (not entirely serious) question. ... 836#499836


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        Originally posted by polevaultpower
        Originally posted by Kurt Francis
        Originally posted by decafan
        Originally posted by SQUACKEE
        Originally posted by decafan
        He is right to be pissed at the terrorists behind the keyboards. .
        WOW! :shock: So Suhr can blast Jenn and thats fine but if we blast Suhr we are terrorists :lol: ?
        Not you. Not THIS message board. This is actually a civil board. I believe Rick was referring to Letsrun and polevaultpower. There were terrible posts about him on both sites after the Games.
        LetsRun is notorious for having the most disgusting "fans" around. Rabid dogs.
        I certainly try to keep my site civil. I deleted quite a few comments in the discussion about Jenn and Rick.
        Becca, my comments were not indicative of you. Given how many times you have posted here, I'm just surprised anyone thought you weren't a woman!

        BTW - I believe we've met briefly once at the Billy Hayes Invite...I believe in 2006...nothing you would remember as my forte is in the throwing events and I was only hanging around the vault with our former Wilmington College group, Kyle Wolf & Ashley Johnson.