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Boise State Lawsuit


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  • Boise State Lawsuit

    In reference to the link on the front page:

    First, let me say that I don't have any information or opinion about the Boise State situation. The article prompted a larger question for me. I don't understand how a college coach can sue over a non-renewal at the end of their contract. What is the point of having an end-date on a contract if you can sue if the contract isn't renewed? Furthermore, if you are unhappy with your assigned duties, you have two options. You can negotiate for different duties when you renew your contract or you can leave for a better position someplace else. Of course, both of these options are only available to in-demand coaches. A bad coach will renew for worse and worse duties until they leave on their own. I can't say I have any problem with this. A professional (paid/full-time) coach should know the drill. There is a reason college coaches are never tenured. Am I off base here? In today's world, how can a Head Coach- who's job security depends on the success of his/her team, get rid of a terrible (or wrong fit) assistant who happens to be in a protected class -- without getting sued?

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    Given the brief statements available there, I got the impression it was the earlier demotion and what followed that serves as the underlying basis for the suit.


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      There is a link to the entire document, which I did read. But like I said, my questions are not based on the Boise State situation. I don't have an opinion on that. The Boise State lawsuit prompted a larger question for me, which was my original post.


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        you raise a great point


        In America anyone can sue anyone for anything. Now I'm not saying it should be that way, but it is. Contracts, even one year deals are litigated all the time.

        I am a former DI coach who once had a disloyal assistant who happened to be female (I am male). It got really bad since she wanted my job. If you read the Boise thread the female was an interim head coach who thought she would be the permanent head coach, but was passed over for a male. Anyway, my former female assistant who was on a one year contract just like all coaches in the department threatened to make my life miserable if I didn't give her what she wanted. Trust me, it was uncomfortable, and I realized that she could do so. It easy to turn simple and innocent things to sinister things in someone's mind. So you are correct, but it happens all the time. If the former assistant at BSU is smart she will try to get a good settlement early in the process and move on in a positive manner. Things like this suck the life out of everyone and in the end no one wins. She won't get her job back (not that she would want it). Lawsuits are a no win situation for everyone. I really hate to see these things occur given how much pain it brings to all involved.


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          Thanks for your honest post HigherEd.