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    I PREDICT ,it will get better . What it really needs is stars and close exciting races;show some relays says SATCH

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    Re: tv /indoor track

    ' PREDICT ,it will get better . What it really needs is stars and close exciting races;show some relays'

    Well, they did have a star, on WR pace, so it doesn't get any better than that and what does TV do.... So I predict it will only get worse.


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      Re: tv /indoor track

      <I PREDICT ,it will get better .>

      I am hoping you are right Satch, but I doubt it.
      "A beautiful theory killed by an ugly fact."
      by Thomas Henry Huxley


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        Re: tv /indoor track

        satch makes a good point regarding relays. We need to sell THE SPORT rather than STARS, and nothing is more exciting in Track than relays. In "the old days" the best part of the Millrose games was the many many relays... do they still do that ?

        Show a bunch of relays on a TV track telecast and maybe just maybe casual watchers will say, "hey, this is kind of cool."


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          Re: tv /indoor track

          I stand by my earlier comment that what track has completely given up--and what the public DOES take an interest in--is team competition. Made-up teams don't really matter, but top collegiate teams, or "Russian Allstars" vs. "US Allstars" would have some appeal.

          Beyond this, however, the announcers really have to be a cut above awful. In the 3000, for example, the race should have been built up as a) a rare appearance by a running legend (this was done moderately well); and b) an attack on the US all-comers mark, the fastest time at the distance ever recorded on US soil (this wasn't done at all). The latter was almost certain, while the WR was almost certainly impossible. Thus, instead of Geb "failing" by 11 seconds, we would have been given a not-insignificant "success."

          I'm still fuming. That telecast was collosally inept.


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            Re: tv /indoor track

            I'm taking a different approach...

            given the total incompetence from espn, just be happy you saw some t&f...

            use the MUTE...

            as to thinking things will get better...

            I doubt it very much..

            a true T&F fan will contine to be dissatisfied with tv coverage..

            that's the way it is and the way it will continue to be...

            send your e-mails and letters, but that's just as vain and getting W to adopt Dean';s foreign policy..