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Email received re Stephanie Hightower...


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  • Email received re Stephanie Hightower...

    Received this email yesterday.


    Contactexter McCloud Email: [email protected]
    October 14, 2008

    Stephanie Hightower
    She has a Strength and Passion for the Sport

    October 14, 2008

    Fellow USATF Members,

    Stephanie Hightower's Bio

    I am writing to you on behalf of the Committee to Elect Stephanie Hightower, which is comprised of a broad-based group of individuals who are active in USATF affairs, and who believe that Stephanie is the person most qualified to serve as the organization’s next President.

    Many of you might know of Stephanie because of what she has done in advocating for athletes and coaches as past Secretary of the Athletes Advisory Committee, current Chair of the Women’s Track and Field committee and was the Track and Field Representative to the USOC’s Athlete Advisory Committee. What you might not know about is her deep involvement with other groups in our diverse organization, such as Youth Athletics, Officials, Racewalking and Long Distance Running, through her work as an active member of the USATF Board of Directors over the last eight years. Stephanie has built close alliances with each of these groups because she recognizes the overall strength that comes to the organization when its various constituencies collaborate on issues affecting their common mission, and she understands that strengthening these committees will in turn strengthen her committee, WT&F, and its ability to achieve its long-term goals.

    Today, USATF stands at a crossroads. At the upcoming Annual Meeting in Reno, members will be faced with the choice of adopting various proposals to restructure our process of governance in a fundamental way based on a mandate from the USOC which has been highly critical of USATF over the years and which has now issued what constitutes an ultimatum to the organization to change based on a mandate from the USOC which has been highly critical of USATF over the years and which has now issued what constitutes an ultimatum to the organization to change. Our committee believes that, regardless of whether the delegates agree to restructure the organization along the lines proposed by the USOC, USATF is in need of strong and dynamic leadership that can guide the restructuring process and discussions to a deliberate and reasoned conclusion, and that Stephanie Hightower, who has already been involved with the restructuring process, is such a leader. We are also confident that Stephanie’s diverse professional experience outside of USATF circles, which includes service on a number of governing boards, various civic leadership roles, competent oversight of multi-million dollar budgets, and successful fundraising efforts, makes her uniquely qualified to confront the urgent challenges facing our organization and to take USATF to the next level.

    We would also like to respond to any specific question(s) you might want Stephanie to address. Please send the questions to Dexter McCloud at [email protected]. Also, if you are interested in becoming a member of the Committee to Elect Stephanie Hightower, please send Dexter an email message to that effect, along with the name of your association, are you going to be a delegate, any committees on which you serve in USATF, and any constituencies you would feel comfortable in actively reaching out to. We are appending a brief biographic sketch that will help you to get to know Stephanie better and look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Dr. Evie Dennis

    (First Acting President of TAC (USATF’s predecessor), first female chef de mission (team leader) for the USOC, and chef for the total U.S. delegation at the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul, one of USATF's delegates to the IAAF, and chair of USATF's Diversity and Leadership Committee - Colorado.)

    on behalf of
    The Committee to Elect Stephanie Hightower

    (Individual affiliation is listed in parenthesis below for identification purposes only and does not represent or imply a broader or organizational endorsement.)

    Glenn Latimer (Men’s LDR chair Illinois)
    Jim Murphy (Law and Legislation chair Pacific Northwest)
    Lionel Leach (Youth Athletics chair New Jersey)
    Terry Crawford (Coaches Advisory Chair Colorado)
    Alan Kolling (Men’s T&F Pacific)
    Anne Timmons ( Montana IAAF Cross Country)
    Arlena Dickerson (Youth Athletics New Mexico)
    Bob Flint (Youth Athletics, Arizona)
    Bonnie Cizek ( Nebraska Youth)
    Carol Hardemon (Youth Athletics Florida)
    Charlie Ruter (Officials Kentucky)
    Cliff Wiley (Womens T&F Kansas)
    Criss Somerlot (Men’s T&F Ohio)
    Dan Browne (athlete 2004 Olympian and multiple USA National Champion)
    Deena Kastor (athlete Olympic Bronze Medalist 2004)
    Dexter McCloud (Master’s T&F athlete Georgia)
    Diane Wholey (Women’s T&F West Texas)
    Dorothy Dawson (Youth Athletics Illinois)
    Doug Storey (Houston /Gulf Association, MLDR)
    Dr. Dave Martin (Sports Medicine and MLDR Executive Committee Georgia)
    Ed Gorman (Men’s T&F)
    Harry Weaver (Youth Athletics Michigan)
    Howard Nippert (MUT, Virginia)
    Irene Obera (Masters T&F athlete Pacific)
    Janet Smith (Ex VP Master’s Track and Field)
    Jim Engel (Youth Athletics Ohio)
    Jim Peterson (Inland NW, LDR)
    Joe Gentry (Colorado Men’s T&F)
    John Tope ( Colorado LDR)
    Ken Ferguson (Youth Athletics Kansas)
    Kimberly Kutsch (Youth Athletics Inland Northwest)
    Linda Sarrett (Youth Athletics Kentucky)
    Marc Cizek ( Nebraska Youth)
    Mark Timmons ( Montana Coaches)
    Mary Rosado (Master’s LDR Metropolitan)
    Mary Wittenberg (President and CEO, New York Road Runners )
    Patrice Wilson (Youth Athletics Indiana)
    Rich Torrellas (Women’s T&F Connecticut)
    Rita Somerlot (Women’s T&F Ohio)
    Robin Beamon (Youth Athletics – Florida)
    Rose Monday (Women’s T&F)
    Rubin Carter (Youth Nebraska)
    Ruth Anderson (Athletes Advisory Oregon)
    Ryan Bourque ( Alabama LDR)
    Sam Seemes (USTCCA)
    Samuel Germany ( Nevada Youth Athletics)
    Sharrieffa Barksdale-Blair (Women’s T&F Kentucky)
    Sue Humphrey (Women’s Development, South Texas)
    Tim Baker (Men’s T&F. L&L Secretary Patomac Valley)
    Tonja Stevens (Youth Athletics Three Rivers)
    Wendy Truvillion (Womens Track and Field Arizona)
    Virginia Brophy Achman ( Minnesota, Vice Chair Women’s LDR and Vice President, Running USA, Executive Director, Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon