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Dita sniffing during olympic marathon


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  • Dita sniffing during olympic marathon

    I don't recall seeing any explanations about Dita pulling something (broadcasters felt it was a small vial) out of her top in the last few miles of the marathon and holding it up to her nose a few times before returning it. They speculated "smelling salts."
    Does anyone have more information about this? Has she ever explained this?

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    I recall someone on here explained it in one of the Olympic threads. It was some sort of energy gel, or something like that. If it was anything dodgy, I doubt she'd be stupid/brasin enough to do it with a camera pointed at her that was broadcasting pictures of the 'incident' to millions.


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      Even some of the kenyans around did something similar. From what a runner told me, it can be eating sugars, or even small carb bars to prevent complete dehydration of the body,,.. basically putting some fuel back in the tank...
      The sniffing thing can be something to open better the airway... weightlifters have different sniffing substances to wake them up. I am pretty sure she s not doing anything new in the running world.


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        At least she didn't pinch one nostril and blast out the other side.
        Take good care of yourself.