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Europeans don't like track anymore?


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    I know but it just reiterates my point of the decline of athletics. If Paula races in a big city marathon, the BBC always show it. They aren't even showing it on interactive, which is piss poor.


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      But instead, the BBC are showing the Eastenders omnibus (why not watch it in the week like I do?), Points of View (with that annoying old fogey presenting it) and Songs of Praise (does anyone actually watch that?!)


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        BBC would have carried it had Usain Bolt fired the starting gun.


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          In the UK, the BBC are really going to have to get behind athletics or 2012 could be a disaster. The BBC's preoccupation with soccer is ridiculous. I watched the main BBC tv news last night to see if they had any mention of Paula: they didn't! And, of the 6 mins devoted to sports' news, five and half minutes was given over to soccer!


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            Originally posted by nevetsllim
            Oh dear, the BBC aren't showing the New York Marathon this year. They always show the big city marathons if Paula races
            Strange one.

            They showed her in '04 when she was in her pomp ( but ill in Athens ) & it could be that the BBC didn't pick up on it this year as they thought she may be on the wane after Peking despite injury ( but this run shows she's not far from her all-time best ) & even if recovered from injury, New York woud be too soon for her to win & they don't want to pay for expensive TV rights to show her finishing 5th.

            My feeling is though, this run will change their minds & they might actually show it, albeit i see no problem in Eurosport showing it as most sports fans' subscription to cable/satellite extends to the basic Eurosport ( at least not on f*cking setanta ! )