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Dr. Harmon Brown in ill health [RIP]


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  • Dr. Harmon Brown in ill health [RIP]

    One of the sport's good guys, long a fixture in sports science, has recently been hospitalized after a bout with an "aggressive" cancer. He's now getting hospice care at home.


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    That is very sad news
    Dr. Brown is truly one of the finer people in the sport.


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      Brooks Johnson wrote this:

      Harmon is indeed a very special person and up until very recently was on High Performance Division conference calls.

      Even when he had great difficulty doing so, in his grave and weakened
      condition, he still managed to shoot off e-mails to me and others involved in what he was deeply involved in.

      Harmon went to McKinley Tech High School in Washington, D.C. where he
      was a high hurdler. From there he went on to Lehigh University. After Lehigh, medical school beckoned. I first met him when he was assisting
      Ed Parker at the Millbrae Lions. In 1960 the youngest member of the U.S. Olympic Team came from Millbrae, She is currently known as Pat Connolly . He later served many years as the doctor for the student
      infirmary at Cal State University - Hayward. He also served as the javelin coach there as well. But his first and abiding love was science. He was one of the first, along with Dr Bert Lyle, to emphasize the contribution that pure and real science could make to track and field. Just about everything we do today that is science based can be traced back to his efforts and initiatives. He has served USATF very well on the science side and was a prominent and productive member of the IAAF science community.

      Over the almost five decades we have known each other, we often disagreed, but the common and mitigating thread was the mutual respect
      we held for each other based upon the passion and respect we have for
      the sport. This allowed for us to work together even in the most stressful of times. I have personally gained a great deal from my association with Harmon. It is always the case, that when you associate with fine people like Harmon, you always come away having got much more than you gave. So I, like so many others, am greatly indebted to Harmon, is the sport of track and field. A down payment on that debt would be an offering of real and heartfelt prayers for him.
      Bill Roe wrote this:

      To our Association leadership,

      I learned a few weeks back that Dr. Harmon Brown had cancer, and was
      being treated extensively. He asked through Dr. Bob Adams that he be replaced on the Sports Science Subcommittee as chair.

      It saddens me to relate to you all that it is unlikely that we will see Doc Brown in Reno. Harmon was sent home last week from the hospital to be under hospice care at home, and be made as comfortable as possible. His family is there with him, and the cancer is very aggressive.

      I write primarily to let you know that earlier this month, Pat Rico, Doug Logan, and I met to discuss this year's recipient of the Patricia and Heliodoro Rico Lifetime Achievement Award. We usually keep this a secret and surprise the winner at the Jesse Owens / Hall of Fame Induction Banquet. We have informed Harmon through his family that he is the recipient this year. We wanted him to know, and I thought you should all know as well.

      I will keep you all posted, but sending your thoughts and prayers to this cherished elder statesman and his family would be advisable now. However, do not call, as I do not believe the family can respond at this time.

      One of the people in our sport for whom the term "gentleman" is an

      Please pass the word along to your constituents who may know Harmon.
      K E N
      K E N


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        Dr. Brown has passed :-(

        IAAF story now posted to front page.


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          NY Times obit:

 ... brown.html