Originally posted to darkwing site:

<<The British Milers' Club are delighted to announce that they will be
a small number of mile races at Iffley Road, Oxford, UK, on 6th May 2004,
years to the day after Sir Roger Bannister became the first man to break
four minutes for the mile.

The events will start shortly after 4.30pm and will be as follows:

Races Qualifying times
1500m 1 Mile
Senior Men 3:44.0 4:04.0
Senior Women 4:20.0 4:40.0
Junior Men 3:54.0 4:14.0
Junior Women 4:30.0 4:50.0

It is intended that the Men's 'A' race will start at 6.00pm.

Enquiries about the races should be directed via e-mail to
[email protected]

Please note, at this stage, the BMC has no information about spectator
ticket arrangements.>>