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Foreigners at NCAA CC


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  • Foreigners at NCAA CC

    The following data concerning the participation of foreign (that is, non US born) athletes in the NCAA CC Regional Championships was taken from the results of the 9 D1 Regional Championships and the web sites of the 62 teams and 74 individuals advancing to the NCAA Championships.

    There are approximately 302 schools which sponsor men’s D1 CC, and 332 which sponsor women’s CC. Approximately 10% of these qualified teams for the Nationals. Of the 62 teams which qualified for the Nationals, 13 schools qualified both men’s and women’s teams (Arkansas, Wisconsin, Georgetown, Florida State, Michigan, Minnesota, Notre Dame, Northern Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Stanford, Villanova and Virginia). Approximately 102 schools are represented in the fields of about 250 athletes on the men’s side and 240 on the women’s side.

    The schools which qualified teams on the men’s side list about 690 athletes on their rosters (22 per team). On the women’s side it is about 700 athletes. The largest roster for the men was Notre Dame with 34 and the largest women’s team roster was Minnesota with 53 (no foreigners listed on either one). The smallest teams were Auburn’s men with 11, and SMU’s women, also with 11.

    Of the total athletes listed on men’s qualifying team rosters, 66 were foreigners (9.5%). Of the women’s it was 80 (11.5%). Of the scorers (top 5) at the Regional Championships, the team’s with the highest % of foreign runners on the men’s side were Providence (7 of 15), Butler, Tulsa and Auburn, all with between 40 and 50 percent (and this is leaving out UTEP since they did not qualify as a team, even though they list only 5 men on their roster, all foreigners).. The women’s teams with the highest % of foreign runners were Stony Brook (7 of 18), Princeton and Providence, all with 30-40%. Even though the women show a higher % of foreigners on their rosters than do the men (11.5% to 9.5%), the men were about 45% more likely to have foreigners among their scoring 5 (28.5% to 20.6%). For the men, all of Tulsa’s and Alabama’s scorers were foreign. For the women, Texas Tech and Florida State each had 4 foreign scorers (no team had 5). 15 teams had no foreign scorers for either the men or the women.

    The individual qualifiers were 30% foreign for the men and 22% foreign for the women.

    The men’s roster foreigners come predominately from Africa (mostly Kenya) and Oceania (mostly New Zealand). The women’s rosters show athletes from mainly the British Isles and Canada.