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  • IAAF Council mtg

    I was reading the notes from the mtg this weekend and for the most part I am pleased with what I see.
    But it is wat I do not see that continues to disturb me. Business issues. New venues, doping modifications, etc. The usual. Encouraged by the retention of the sponsors for WAF, but what about the bigger issues of bringing in money and loosening the rules regarding athlete sponsorship?
    We will not grow as a business as long as we do not grow as a business internally. As long as we remain "partially" amateur a lot of the ailments of the sport on the marketing front will remain.
    Which brings me to my pet issue in track as a whole, where is the development of marketing? We are still buying our own inventory as I understand it and our own air time. We should be past this on all levels

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    I thought this was quite weird...will anyone care who wins??

    IAAF World Cup – Four Area Teams

    Council agreed a proposal concerning the revision of the current format of the IAAF World Cup based on feedback from the public and from television rights holders, including the EBU.

    The core of the proposal is to review the composition of the teams in order to make the event more understandable for the public, achieve a better balance of strengths amongst the teams and make the competition more interesting for participants and spectators:

    • Four Area teams; Africa, Americas, Australasia (Asia/Oceania) and Europe
    • two athletes per team in each individual event, except in the 1500m, 3000m, 3000mSC and 5000m where three athletes may enter with two to score
    • team standings determined by the overall points total of men and women combined (there is no longer a men’s winner and a women’s winner)

    This new format will be introduced for the next edition of this competition - Split 2010.


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      That rates right next to the new Euro rules for their team competitions. People like track in its purest form. WC and OG are not long because track is long. They are long because we have 15 minute gaps in the program for no evident reason.

      These suggestions they are offering are bandaids and only fooling themselves. Name the squads after colors it does not matter. Athlete recognition and focus on competition is key to any track meet. There will be an Americas team. That is always a bad idea. Word association pegs that squad as US, then you find out it is a team made up of Canadians to Peruvians. Thats not a positive. The teams were fine as were, the marketing of the event was the problem. The timing and incentive to participate remains a problem.
      Same applies to WAF. They have decided to have that in Morocco, which is a good thing because some athletes will want to go to Africa. but it does nothing to increase interest.
      Until we see a marketing department pushing this we will continue to see crazy and ineffective format changes.