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Golden League Doubling?


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  • Golden League Doubling?

    from home-page link

    The current Golden League hosts are Berlin, Brussels, Oslo, Paris, Rome and Zurich with athletes winning their event at all six stops eligible for a jackpot of $US1 million ($A1.64 million). London, Lausanne and Stockholm have been mentioned as possible European additions with Shanghai, a venue in Qatar, and possible in US stop in Eugene, Oregon named by Digel.
    Does 'promoting' these other meets make a big difference? I'm sure there are benefits - what do you think?

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    Re: Golden League Doubling?

    It would be fantastic to expand into non-European markets like Shanghai, Qatar, and Eugene.

    Shanghai - humongous population that's still reveling in the memories of Beijing's Bird's Nest Stadium - its gotta be good business if the GL goes there.

    Qatar - they've produced some good distance runners, and its a wealthy nation, and so it would raise track's profile for surrounding middle eastern nations.

    Eugene - not a bad choice, considering that it's had some storied meets, and considering that US is viewed as a force in track.

    Lausanne, London, Stockholm - the people there actually love track so why not.

    In all, its a good idea.


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      Re: Golden League Doubling?

      Originally posted by DexterDanner
      It would be fantastic to expand into non-European markets like Shanghai, Qatar, and Eugene.
      Yes, but the meets already exist there successfully. How will GL status improve them? Better athletes? Do the Meet managers get $$$ from the iAAF to attract more talent or is it just chasing the Golden Bar (which only applies to a small number of athletes)?


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        i'm not sure china is much interested in the sport now that liu is out for a year

        i think it was more or less given the regular shanghai meet on the calendar because of hosting this year's games, but having been present for a few years, it has hardly brought forth any significant number of world-class talent, which is very poor for a country which "won" this year's games on gold medal count

        you've got to hold a meet there just to sheer size of country + it's leading sporting status generally, but it looks pretty wasted - no home talent produced after liu & a long way to go for most elite athletes who are used to competing in europe

        as for middle east, that is a complete waste - they have no home grown talent at all & "buy" all their success ( i'm all for it as it gets more kenyans into the champs ) & holding a regular meet in the past has brought on no home grown talent at all

        perhaps in a decade+ all this may change, but i'd think it'd be better to hold at least 1 yearly top meet in africa - mabe rotate around kenya, ethiopia, south africa, north/west africa - reward a region which has a lotta world class stars