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Programs! You can't tell the players.....


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  • Programs! You can't tell the players..... about the Francis girls of New York City?

    Soph Chamique (Cardozo, Oakland Gardens) leads the 200 (25.37) and

    Junior Phyllis (McAuley, Brooklyn) leads the 600m (1:31.13).

    Soph Claudia (Cardozo) has run 1:33.89 600 and leads the 1000m(2:53.16).

    How here's the good part: the Cardozo pair are not related, but Claudia of Cardozo is the sister of Phyllis of McAuley!

    Programs, getcher......

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    Re: Programs! You can't tell the players.....

    Originally posted by gh about the Francis girls of New York City?
    We went through a spell there in US mSprinting when everyone seemed to be named Williams.

    I was told that the coach of Akron was Dennis Mitchell, and he used to be a Pole Vaulter. I sternly contradicted the speaker and told her in no uncertain terms that Dennis Mitchell was a SPRINTER of no small repute. Then I found out that . . . ops:


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      Anyone remember Ron Freeman and Ron Freeman ?


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        Was that Ron Freeman I or Ron Freeman II ? They both were fast !!


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          I might be mixed up on the Ron Freemans, but I think #I was from Arizona State and was more a half miler, but had a brother ( can't remember his first name) that was a quarter miler at ASU. Then there was # II, who was a quarter miler and on the OG team in '68 when they ran 2:56.1. I do not remember if he ran the 400 at the OG.

          Please someone correct me if I am wrong and/or fill in the gaps. Hey, we can't remember everything, can we ?!

          Edit to add: just looked up the 68 OG. # II got 3rd in 44.4.