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  • Nikki Chapple ran very well at the Great North Run - she ran 70:03.


    • Read an article last week where Melissa Rollison competed in her first triathlon. Evidently she is testing the waters (at 26) to see if switching from running to triathlons is a realistic option. She did say she sucked in the swim leg, but did well in the run and bike legs.


      • Doesn't surprise me as Rollison has been injured for a long time. We've had a few Aussie athletes move across to tri and vis versa, Mottram came from triathlon into track.


        • Cover story on Stephen Hooker in the Weekend Australian magazine for those of you inclined to keep Rupert in luxury. Not online at this stage.


          • Jana considering triathlon in her future, possibly cycling? From the hompage:

   ... 22630.html

            Regarding Sally's double of the 100mh 200m, its long been shown that its possible (Allen Johnson), Sally could win both if she came close to her PBs in both events, counting her 200m with her 22.61w (+2.1) set earlier this year.


            • Alana Boyd will be moving to Perth to train under Parnov shortly. It will be interesting to see how she goes in a new environment.

              Jane Saville and her cyclist husband have returned to Australia from Spain so she can give birth to their first child. Sigh, it seems just like yesterday when I saw her doing the Nationals junior 3k walk at ES Marks field......


              • At the recent world masters in Sydney Peter Farmer turned up throwing hammer in M/55s.

                The foot work is still impressive as is the physique. He was shorter than I remembered , I am guessing around 5 foot 11 "

                Long Strong Throwing Journal ( US publication - and if you are a thrower and not subscribing I recommend a look ) is touching base with Denis and Danni looking for a piece to appear next year.
                " we all overtrain" Pat Casey to George Frenn


                • Nice to see Craig Mottram back in Aussie singlet at Ekiden relays:


                  He ran 13:23 for the 5km leg.


                  • And there's a solid Aussie contigent at the NCAA X-C:

                    Australian Flame member and last years Zatopek winner David McNeill, who won his region race, heads the list of Australians. McNeill and Ben Ashkettle who are running for Northern Arizona University, Rebecca Lowe (who also won her regional qualifier) and Genevieve Lacaze (Florida University), Matt Bayley (Iona University), Matt Gibney and Brooke Simpson (Villanova University), Zoe Buckman (Oregon University) make up the Australian contingent competing in the prestigious College championships.
           ... tle_it_out


                    • And the Aussie results:

                      2. McNeill
                      49. Ashkettle
                      77. Bayley
                      124. Gibney

                      15. Lowe
                      60. Simpson*
                      96. Lacaze

                      * on winning team


                      • And it all kicks off down here again tomorrow (well there have been meets for a month or more, but this is the first semi-decent one):

               ... -kisl.html

                        Fields here: ... ileID=3943


                        • More on Samuels:

                 ... -kk17.html


                          • Had the pleasure of sitting next to Dani at the National Throwing Coaches convention at the end of November, and she mentioned most of that stuff.

                            When asked about whether a woman would throw 70M again, the room went quiet, and Denis said "yes" and named the women coming through who he thinks can do it (not just Dani).

                            I had asked Dani earlier if she had any interest in going to one of the meets in Maui, Nth Cali, or Sweden where discus throwers go to chase the wind. She replied no, the ranking sheets are full of people with wind aided Pbs who cannot get out of qualifying.

                            She did say that after she has thrown 70m, in a stadium, then she may chase the wind and go for a WR..,but that is no where on the radar right now..

                            she also said that she was not upset by T & F News leaving her of the top ten.

                            From what she said though, the staff of T & F news should be prepared when they next meet Sally..

                            also she may not be as strong as Barios and the others but she is still very, very strong
                            " we all overtrain" Pat Casey to George Frenn


                            • The Zatopek Meet was hampered by some pretty nasty downpours. The main results (A, B = Comm Games qualifiers:

                              Men's 10000m
                              1 Collis Birmingham 28:04.14 A
                              2 Ben ST Lawrence 28:05.73 B
                              3 Michael Shelley 28:13.13 B
                              4 Jeffrey Hunt 28:19.39 B
                              5 Martin Dent 28:28.70
                              11 David McNeill 29:43.51

                              Women's 10000m
                              1 Eloise Wellings 32:19.08 B
                              2 Lisa Weightman 32:20.14 B
                              3 Lara Tamsett 32:20.39 B
                              4 Rebecca Lowe 32:24.70 B
                              5 Nikki Chapple 32:29.92 B
                              6 Cassie Fien 33:16.16 B
                              9 Benita Willis VICTORIA 33:58.69

                              Women's DT
                              1 Dani Samuels 59.94m A

                              Men's SP
                              1 Dale Stevenson 19.23m A (PR by 54cm, now #6 alll-time Aussie)

                              Under 20 3000m
                              1 Ryan Gregson 8:02.56M (knocked off Michael Power's meet record from 1995)

                              More results:

                              Story: ... -kmh3.html
                              2 James Nipperess 8:06.11


                              • Not bad, mate. For a pair or rainy 10K races, in December, those performances are quite exceptional.

                                What are the fastest December 10K track performances, anyway?