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    Yes, but not very many people from Kenyan or Ethiopian fly in for parliament meetings.


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      Headwinds in Sydney affected sprint times at NSW Championships. Ex-South Australian couple Sheehy and Steinert overshadowed some of the local stars. Patrick Johnson could only manage 5th in the men's 100.

      Internationals Clinton Hill (47.30) and Chris Troode (47.23) won their 400m heats, but didn't start in the final.

      Best results from Day 2 below:

      100 Ambler NZL 10.47 (-0.6) Sheehy 10.55 Groth 10.57
      400 Milburn 45.92 Thomas 46.37
      110H Merlino 14.04 (-0.3)
      LJ Thornell 7.59 (0.0)

      100 Verlinden 12.02 (-1.5)
      400 Pirrenee Steinert 53.40
      HJ Price 1.89
      JAV Cornford 56.52

      Champs conclude today -


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        Some reasonable fields for the ACT Champs over the weekend. If the weather is anything like today (warm, no wind) there could be a few good marks.

        W100 Ross Galic Woods Mitchell Frayne Ambler NZL
        W200 Ross Mulcahy Lynch Woods Mitchell Ambler
        M400 Troode Mulcahy
        M800 Thomas
        M110H Merlino Small
        M400H Thomas Cole
        MLJ Crowther Crowe Thornell Jones Frayne
        MTJ Jones Frayne
        MHAM Billett Driesen Dickson

        W100 Breen Whaler Kleeberg Verlinden
        W200 Above plus Blackburn
        W400 Blackburn Greaves
        W400H Boden McGlone
        W TJ Allen O'Riley
        WHAM Di Marco Clement

        Queensland champs sees Sally McLellan looking for a 100/200/100H treble. Chris Noffke v Mitch Watt in the Mens LJ. Justin Anlezark is entered in the Shot. And the Boyds should take home three titles.


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          ACT Champs
          Thomas is only running the 400m hurdles on Sunday

          Mens triple was a great comp. Jones winning on the last jump with a 16.64m (1cm off a B qualifier) to Fraynes 16.42. Jones is now 7-0 against Frayne.

          The 800m was a cracker tonight. Joshua Johnson and Brett Robinson battled hard form 300m out. Johnson winning in 1.50.82(?) and Robinson 1.51.20 (memory?). Big PR for Robinson. Both boys are off to World Junior Cross Country. Robinson has a great kick. Maybe the short event is his best?


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            Make that 6-0 - thanks mirko!


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              Tamsyn Lewis ran 12.17 (-1.4) and 23.90 (0.1) to be fastest qualifier from 100 and 200 heats at Vic State Titles last night.


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                A few more internationals confirmed for Sydney and Melbourne meets:

                Tim Mack
                Giovanni Lavaro

                Men's Middle Dist:
                Nick Willis
                Youssef Saad Kamel
                Gideon Gathimba

                Valerie Vili

                And also "Australia’s hottest DJ Grant Smillie"!!

                See ... ns_stellar
       ... ss_the_tas
       ... oker_and_p


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                  ACT Champs Day 2
                  Great conditions

                  Mulcahy 45.90 (B qualifer)
                  Merlino 13.94(-1.1)
                  Breen 11.47 (0.3)

                  Heard McLellan ran 11.26 and 11.36 in Qld Champs

                  Full results and event reports
         ... e&Itemid=1


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                    Shame Qld Aths site's live results service has been dead all day. Maybe someone forgot to plug meet manager in.

                    Msny of the state fields (eg open events with no/only one starter) must be of the lowest quality/depth ever.


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                      Originally posted by AS
                      Tamsyn Lewis ran 12.17 (-1.4) and 23.90 (0.1) to be fastest qualifier from 100 and 200 heats at Vic State Titles last night.
                      she has an impressive range from 100m - 800m

                      pity she can't get real quick at 1 particular event


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                        Tamsyn could star at a national level at probably five or six events including the 400H which she's dabbled in this year at club level, but just never seems to have that change of pace needed when it counts in 800s (WIC notwithstanding). I guess her main goal might be four consecutive Comm Games Golds (albeit at 4x4) which I think would be a record for aths (if not all sports) so maybe dropping back is more sensible than moving up.

                        She'd just better hope Jana's in form and that a couple of Aussies such as Olivia, Pirrenee or Angeline could take a step up to 52/51 world at least in the next eighteen months.

                        Good to see Alicia Wrench-Doody set a new PB in Brisbane today. 11.66 is nothing internationally but she's on the improve (PBs not close to 12.2/25.0 before this season) and can't hurt our relay squad. With Attenborough whose 11.72 today was her best for a while due to injury - along with the improving Breen and of course McLellan, the 4x1 has some potential - if they ever get a chance to run together in a qualifying meet, that is. Sydney maybe??

                        eta Speaking of relays, Clinton Hill ran 46.65 in Sydney plus Aaron Rouge-Serrett 20.93 PB beat Sean Wroe and Tamsyn Lewis 23.86 (-2.1) in Melbourne.


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                          Discussion of McLellan's 11.26 (and commitment to chase MGT's 100m NR):

                 ... 36925.html

                          Also on Tamsyn front, she is down to race 400mH at Vics today too...I must say in all the years of watching her race in interclub meets (including as a junior) I can't remember seeing her hurdle, but her 58.6 a couple of week's back suggests she's got some promise...


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                            ACT Champs Day 3

                            Tristan Thomas 49.25 (A qualifier)
                            Kurt Mulcahy 20.89 (second personal best of weekend)
                            Mel Breen 23.60 (-0.6)
                            Kim Mickle 59.27 (B qualifier)
                            Henry Frayne 7.99m (goes to = 2nd all time Junior - misses Crowther's record by 1cm)
                            John Thornell 7.95w (only just on the board - was an 8.05 jump)
                            Lauren Bode 57.06

                            Full results
                            Meet report ... 6&Itemid=1


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                              Most interesting results I can see from Vic Champs today:

                              Riseley 1-47.58 800
                              Lewis 57.90 400H
                              Wroe DNS 100 or 400 finals

                              The rest are here -

                              And looks like a few more changes to the overseas guest lists for Melbourne and Sydney.

                              Brianna Glenn USA 100m added
                              Jenny Adams USA 100H (and LJ?) seems to have replaced Denby
                              A few US women throwers are in NZL too, so wouldn't be too surprised if they also compete

                              Some results from (gusty by the looks of it....) Brisbane today:

                              McLellan 200m 23.39 (1.5) ht, 23.83 (-3.0) final, 100H 13.30 (-4.0)
                              Wrench-Doody 200m 24.01 (-1.3) ht - did not contest final
                              Johnson 200m 21.44 (0.5) ht - did not contest final
                              Burstow 110H 14.01 (2.0)
                              19yo Fraser Goss 800 1-49.76
                              Boyd NH Pole Vault
                              Watt 7.94 (0.9) LJ beating Noffke 7.44w
                              Robinson 76.80 SB Javelin beating Hollins 72.74


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                                Powell is set to run 400m again in Sydney this Saturday:

                       ... 99543.html

                                PRs/SRs of main competitors mentioned in article:
                                Joel Milburn 44.80 (2008)/45.92
                                John Steffensen 44.73 (2006)/--
                                Sean Wroe 45.17(2008)/45.70
                                Kurt Mulcahy 45.90 (2009)