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  • reaction time

    has anyone done any training to improve sprint start reaction time?? what kind of training? does it have any effect?

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    Re: reaction time

    As a layman I understand that reaction time as a function of the nervous system is 'untrainable' in the standard context of what that word might entail. However, there are drills, both mental and physical, that minimize the amount of time taken to exit the blocks, if that's what you mean. The one I learned first was 'don't listen for the gun,' react to it. Although coaches are heard to say 'explode out of the blocks' it has been my experience as a coach and athlete (albeit not elite!) that that does little to instill the proper mindset. I was taught to get that first step back on the track as quickly as possible, establishing a fast turnover being much more important than stride length at the outset.