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Will change in USATF relay strategy hurt Texas Relays


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  • Will change in USATF relay strategy hurt Texas Relays

    The Austin American-Statesman thinks so: ... track.html
    "Run fast and keep turning left."

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      Giving athlete more opportunities to compete in the United States in front of large crowds (whether it be open events or relays) is not a waste of money in my book. Especially since the other 2 relays came back with GOLD medals. The problems with the 4x1's at the Games had little to do with the relay program itself. Now does the relay program match the US selection criteria for the world teams in a way thay will help produce better performances by the relay teams? I think there were some changes that needed to be made to make that happen. But overall, somebody or something had to take the fall for what happened at the Games, and this was the best that they could come up with.

      Now will this hurt Texas Relays? NO! Texas Relays was big before the USA relay program came along and will continue to prosper. Will this hurt the Elite athletes who relied on some of those early season relays to test their fitness in a high quality competition without posting an official open time in their preparation for the season? Possibly so, but only time and results will tell.

      But I personally don't think this is going to help USA track and field's exposure (especially to all of the high school kids who may never get to see a "Jeremy Wariner" compete in person).


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        Why wouldn't JW be just as likely to run at Texas Relays? Elite athletes compete when they feel it is in their best interests. SMTC always ran at the Texas Relays because it was a part of their early season training. This was long before the national relay program.


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          Of course, the SMTC ran at Texas because despite the name all (or virtually all) the team members in those days lived and trained in Houston.