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    Th first day of National Indoor Championships included some good and some bad moments...

    The bad momet of the day was the injury of 21-year long jumper Giorgos Tsakonas in the preliminary round when he broke his leg. Tsakonas hd already started his season witha 7,98m. leap as well as qualified for European Indoors... He is gonna miss the whole season maybe the U23 Chapionhsips in summer where he would be one of the favorites for the gold medal. His younger brother Lykourgos Tsakonas also had an injury problem.

    The best performance of the day was long jumper Louis Tsatoumas who again proved he is in really good shape. He started with a 8,05 after he had a foul and in the third atempt he reached 8,13m. He is really good shape and with the absence of Howe he is to claim the title in Torino...Dimitris Diamantaras was second with a leap of 7,82m., close to European standard qualification 7,90m.

    In pole vault, Nikoleta Kyriakopoulou tried for another time to improve her national record of 4,40m. but she nearly missed 3 times at 4,45m. However, she was the clear winner with 4,35m.confirming her participation in Torino. Former world junior champion Dimitra Emmanouil equalled her indoor best 4,20m. but then missed 3 times at what would have guaranteed her the participation in Euros 4,35m.

    Cypriot Kyriakos Ioannou won the high jump with 2,25m. before missing 3 times at 2,30m. Greek Konstantinos Baniotis ( 2nd in Pedro's Cup this week) overpased 2,21m. but he didn't have the 2,25m.standard qualification although he had actually really high jumps.

    Konstantina Efentaki ran all the way alone at 1500m. and won easily with 4.16.97 close to 4.15 standard qualification set by SEGAS.
    21year old Aggelos Aggelakis won 60m. in 6.77 while Georgia Kokloni won the women's heat in 7.45

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    The second day of National Championships included some really promising performances for Greek athletes in view of Euros in Turin.

    To begin with women's triple jump, 20 - year old, world bronze junior medalist from last year Paraskevi Papahristou after her promising 14,05m. last week, won easily the contest with a leap of 14,16m. PB and had good jumps close to 14m. all legal. 2nd was Athanassia Perra who couldn't have good legal jumps finally reached 13,93m., 7 cm away off the qualification standard but she seemed actually capable of jumps over 14m. if she would exceed adjustment problems. Niki Paneta had 3 fouls.

    In men's triple Dimitris Tsiamis, an over 17 meter athlete, tried but the best he could achieve is a 16,47m. jump close to his SB of 16,57m. and qualification standard of 16,60m.

    In men's 60m hurdles, 22 year old, Konstaninos Douvalidis, 10th in Olympics 2008, had a run of 7.74 PB as it was his first race in the distance although he was slow during the first 30 meters thus showing tha he is capable of tha national record 7.70. He also achieved the qualication standard for Euros

    Another very good peformance was Konstantina's Efentaki 3000meters win in 8.58.12 her first race that quick since 2005 and of course she made the team to Torino...

    Antonia Stergiou overpassed 1,86m. and won the title in women's high jump although she can go much higher. 1,86m. clearance also for Maroula Papagerogiou... 22 year old Patsoukakis won the national title in pole vault with a leap of 5,40m. overall PB...


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      Balkan Games

      The 16th Balkan Games held up yesterday in Greece with some good performances

      To begin with the other Balkans, Anca Heltne(ROU) confirmed her consistency over 19m this winter with a throw of 19,30m. easily winning the competition.
      Dragutin Topic(SRB) won the high jump with a season best leap of 2,28m. while 19 year old,now Cypriot and former Greek athlete, Marianna Zachariadi improved herself 3 times first at 4,20m., then 4,30m. and finally to 4,41m. which is a national record for Cyprus and it would also have been for Greece...
      Also Ioan Vieru (ROU) ran 400m. in a promising 46.70 and Bukhalov (BUL) overpassed 5,65m. at pole vault

      Greek athletes didn't have their best of their days but some managed to have some promising results.
      First Konstantinos Baniotis this time easily overpassed 2,25m. and made thw qualifying mark for Torino while then he had some very good jumps at 2,30m.
      Really promising was the comeback of 21 year old Dimitris Chondrokoukis who was injured all the previous year and managed in hir first apperance to have an indoor personal best of 2,22m. and narrowly missed 2,25m. The important is that he is back again.
      Paraskevi Papachristou once more approved that she is a 14m. jumper having a jump of 14m. in her first missing the first place by just 3 cm off Christina Bujin from Romania... Dragutin's wife Biljana had a best jump of 13,97m. while another Greek Athanassia Perra jumped 13,94m. and missed the qualifying mark for 6 cm.
      21year old Stefanos Koufidis had a personal best of 5,40m. at pole vault and then tried for thw qualifying mark of 5,55m. without success as an indoor personal best was that of Dimitra's Emmanouil 4,25m. who unfortunately missed 3 times at 4,35m. Dimitris Tsiamis won the triple jump in 16,54m. 6cm. away off the qualifying mark

      Full results :


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        Topic's longevity is incredible - 19y after his first triumphs, he's still at a world-class standard.


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          The performance of the meeting Athens 2009 was undoubtedly the 2,40m. from Ukhov and some other really good from Alminova, Keitany and Williams

          As fas as the Greeks are concerned, 22 year old Konstantinos Douvalidis broke the national record of 7.70 in 60m. hurdles with a time of 7.68 boosting his confidence in view of Eur Indoors in Torino....

          The Greek team added one more member for Torino as 23 yeal old,, and a 1,97m. cleaner from last year, 24 year old, Antonia Stergiou made a jump of 1,90m. and met the qualification standard for Torino

          Paraskevi Papachristou this time had some problems with illegal jumps but managed to place 8th with 13,77m.

          So the Greek team for Torino is ( not announced officially yet ) :
          1. Louis Tsatoumas(27) LJ ( 8,20m. / 8,20m. )
          2. Antonia Stergiou HJ (24) ( 1,90m. / 1,90m. )
          3. Konstantinos Baniotis (23) HJ ( 2,25m. / 2,27m. )
          4. Konstantinos Douvalidis 60M H (22) ( 7.68 / 7.68 )
          5. Konstantina Efentaki 3000m.(30) ( 8.58.12 / 8.53.95 )
          6. Nikoleta Kyriakopoulou PV (23) ( 4,35m. / 4,40m. )
          7. Paraskevi Papachristou TJ (20) ( 14,16m. / 14,16m. )

          Some other athletes actually may be added such as Dimitris Tsiamis (TJ) 16,57m. and Athanasia Perra TJ ( 13,94m. )....
          Unlucky Giorgos Tsakonas who had met the qualification standard and had the 11th performance in Europe was injured during NC and had already been surged....


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            A very good first day for Greek athletes during the 1st day of European Indoors in Torino...

            The best performance of the day ,was without a doubt that of 20-years old Paraskevi's Papachristou qualification in the final with a great leap of 14,47m. improving her PB not less than 31cm ( former :14,16m. ) She took the 2nd place of qualification round and will now start the final as the athlete with the 3rd best performance! Absolutely fabulous! Not to mention that this was the first big competition in seniors for the junior bronze medallist from last year!

            Another success was Konstantinos Baniotis, the 23 year old high jumper who managed to improve his SB and equal the PB 2,27m. in his first effort thus giving him the 7th place among the entrants and a place for the final!Baniotis had only the 22th SB of 30 entrants!

            On the other hand, 21 year old, Konstantinos Douvalidis although had a nice qualification heat in which he took the 3rd place in 7.76, then in the semifinal had to compete the biggest names of Europe due to lack of luck, and the 4 first athletes of the final then….Doucoure, Sedoc, Svoboda and Turner… He didn’t also have his best of run and so he was disqualified in 7.82, 14th overall….

            23 year old, Nikoletta Kyriakopoulou also had a good performance in the pole vault ending with 4,35m. in her 3rd attempt which gave her the 12th place overall but not the qualification she needed… However, she equalled her SB….

            As fas as Cypriots are concerned, Kyriakos Ioannou overpassed 2,30m. easily in HJ and now will try to win another medal after the bronze of WCh in Osaka and WICh in Valencia…Also, 19 year old anf former Greek, Marianna Zachariadi overpassed 4,35m. also such as Kyriakopoulou but that was not enough to qualify (11th overall)


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              Louis Tsatoumas once more dissapointed all of us who expected something good and I'm sure especially himself as he did not even approach his best... His failures seem to be gathering and be much more than his success... With 7,79m.he took the 12th place overall...out of a final in which he would strive to forget what happened in Beijin with 3 fouls..Not revovery yet,, but we must say that he had a virus one week ago, but that is not an excuse...

              Antonia Stergiou did not manage to overpass 1,89m. unfortunately thus being out of final...Maybe stressed in a winter that she was not in top form she gained some more experience...12th overall too

              Nantia Efentaki did not manage to finish in 3000m heat as she she had an accident nonetheless she was already out of contention for the qualification

              The good news came from HJ, where Cypriot Kyriakos Ioannou with a first time clearance at 2,29m. took the silver medal behind Ukhov and added one more medal to Bronze of WCh Osaka and Bronze in WICh Valencia...

              The other Greek who really suprised everyone with his participation in final had a ver good evening ovrpassing 2,15m., 2,20m. and 2,25m. first time asked and managed to improve his overall PB with a leap of 2,29m. in his 3rd attempt thus taking the 6th place... At 2,32m. he had good leaps but it would be actually something more than unbelievable if Baniotis who is not characterized by stability managed to earn a medal! He deserves congratulation a lot!

              The Greek participation closes tomorrow with youngster Paraskevi Papachristou in TJ final.


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                Originally posted by xygo
                Louis Tsatoumas once more dissapointed all of us who expected something good .
                if expectations are built on past performances he performed as expected.
                ... nothing really ever changes my friend, new lines for old, new lines for old.


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                  you are right but we are not the kind of people who lose their belief in him, especially when he has such good erformances... It is a big issue, my friend, about Louis Tsatoumas, and the problem is to him mainly psychologically since his performances in meetings are high... He is not the kind of games athlete...


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                    Greek & Cypriot Summary - European Indoor Championship 2

                    Second place for the Cypriot Kyriakos Ioannou at the mens highjump. Ioannou cleared 2,29 and had none failure jump - the Russian Dmitrik too. Same performance and 6th place -and a new PB- for Konstantinos Baniotis! The event won as expected the Russian Ukhov, the only athlet who cleared 2,32 (and didnt try at another high after that)
                    One day before, at the qualification, in the first group (which had a disadvantage) Ioannou cleared 2,30 and qualified, while Baniotis cleared 2,27 and after the results of the 2nd group was qualified too!

                    Paraskevi Papachristou at her first attempt at the womens triple jump qualification, landed at 14,47, and about 30cm over the qualif.rule and her personal best! At the final, had 3 failed attempts and was injured while running for her fourth, so she wasn't measured. 1st place for Anastasia Taranova with 14,68, 2nd was Marija Sestak with 14,60, 3rd was Veldakova with 14,40 and NR, NR for Topic -with 14,37- too.

                    Konstadinos Douvalivis, the 22-year-old greek champion , who clocked 7"68 (New National record) at the meeting "Athens 2009" 9 days ago, advanced to the 60m hurdles semi-final. He advanced 7.76 and took the 11th place among 27 athletes. 7.85 was quick enough to advance to this afternoon's semi-finals. There, at the strong 2nd semifinal he finished 7th with 7"82 where Svoboda won with 7"55. At the first semifinal, Yevgeniy Borisov, the fastest in Europe, won with 7"60 hitting the last hurdle -at first he was disqualified! Doucoure, the favourite athlet of Douvalidis, won the final of the event

                    Huge dissapoint for Louis Tsatoumas (and for the Greek athletes and fans as he was the best with 8,20m among all ), after his failure to advance to the longjump final, where the German Bayer set a new European record landing at 8,71!! His 1st attemp was a NR too with 8,29 (then he let 3 at. and his 5th was X)

                    At the womens polevault qualification, Nicole Kiriakopoulou and the Cypriot record holder Marianna Zachariadi, both cleared 4,35 but failed at 4,40 which was beaten by 7 athletes plus Spiegelburg who didnt need to try. At the final, the Russian Golubchicova won with 4,75 and better attempts as Spiegelburg -who set NR

                    Antonia Steryiou cleared 1,85 but didn΄t beat 1,89 -which was finally enough for 8+1 athletes to qualifie at the womens highjump. At the final, Blanca Vlasic failed early at 1,96, and Friedrich won clearing 2,01.

                    Konstantina Efentaki didnt finish at the second heat of womens 3km.

                    At the heats of mens 60m, the Cypriot Panagiotis Ioannou run 6"81 and didnt advance. Chambers was the fastest with 6"53, and at the semifinals set a new European record clocking 6"42 !!! He was the winner at the final too, with 6"46 and let 1dec behind the 2 Italian sprinters -who finished before the other Brittains.


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                      In Beograd on took place the 54th Balkan Crosscountry championship.
                      Konstantina Kefala won the women's 8km race in 28'28,9 and left Stolic about 6" behind. becoming the 2nd Greek who has managed something like this... Stolic was the winner for the final 3 years...
                      At the women's (8km) team's summary, Hellas was 3rd - Serbia was the winner. The second of the Greek championship, Irene Kokkinariou, due to personal problems didnt participate.
                      3rd place for Hellas at the men's (12km) summary too -where Turkey won, as its athlete, Fatih Bilgic, too. The greek champion Anastasios Fragos was injured during the race and didnt finish, the second of the Greek Championship, Dimosthenis Magginas, finished 6th.

                      Greece's Eleni Kafourou had a great success in tha final of college games being held in Texas as the 23 years old long jumper managed to take tha gold medal with a PB leap of 6,53m. in front of all Americans collegiates and giving her university Boise Idaho the 1st gold medal in women's athletics! Great success....

                      Finally in the national 20km chs Evaggelia Xynou, 25th placer last year in the best ever 20km course with a PB of 1.32.19 took easily the honours in 1.33.40 in the abscence of Athanasia Tsoumeleka ( 2 years inegibility due to doping offence ) and the DNF on 6th placer in WCh Elsinki 2005 Athina Papagianni


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                        Before learning new bad news about Tsoumeleka, who was found also guilty at the final of 20km walking in Beijing, in Greece took place the first games od the year, who actuallay have the sense of helping the associations....Therefore, not many great performances were remarked but some were very promising...

                        The best of all was, without a doubt, that of Stella's Papadopoulou in the hammer throw who easily had a throw of 70m. to win her event... In the same event Alexandra Papagergiou, a twice Olympian and a finalist in OG in Athens had a best throw of 66,68m. while 19-year-old Andrianna Papadopoulou improves her own national record once more by 1,5m. having a throw of 63,56m....

                        Javelin also included some good performances... 22-year-old Spyros Lebesis improves so early in season his last year PB with a throw of 78,16m. , boosting his confidence in view of the U23 European Championships this year... But also so did another 22-year- old, Gervasios Filippidis who after two years destroyed by injuries, missing him the chance to build on his 81m. he had in early 2007, looks strong enough to overpass the barrier again. In women's javelin, again the best in Greece for another year seems to be the evergreen 39-year-old, 5th in Osaka, Savva Lika who opened her season with a respectful 58,80m.

                        For the star of Greece, Hrisopigi Devetzi, after she opened in Senegal last week witha leap of w4,08m, this time had a best jump of 14,10m. and a 6,22m. in LJ but this is a year in which Devetzi started her preparations in Jamuary, changed coach and now trying to build on it...We hope that in Berlin she will be ready enough to continue her medal winning... Louis Tsatoumas opened in 7,74m. while Periklis Iakovakis had a problem with injury and didnot want to make it worse in view of a busy summer so he didn't run his favourite 400m. H...

                        Some other good performances, taking into account the early of the season were those of
                        Kostantinos Baniotis, 6th in Torino earlier this year 2,20m. (HJ)
                        Paraskevi Papachristou, 8th in Torino, 13,75m. (TJ)
                        Athanassia Perra, 13,75m. (TJ)
                        Konstantinos Fillipidis, national record holder who was found guilt of doping offence actually because he took something for his flu, came back in 5,20m.
                        Nikol Kyriakopoulou and Dimitra Emmanouil started her PV in 4,25m. and 4,20m. respectively
                        Stella Pilatou had a best long jump of 6,43m. while Alexandros Papadimitriou continued his good performances with a 73,99m. in hammer...

                        Finally, a very good performance was the 6,44m. long jump of 23-year-old Maria Eleni Kafourou the winner of collegiate in USA this winter but the remarkable is that she had this jump with a negative wind -2,7m/sec such as showing that jumps in region of 6,60m. are within reach this year


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                          Kalamata, Chambers won in 10.08.


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                            There are back!

                            Staboleva: 51.85
                            Veneva: 1.91


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                              From where are you getting these results? doesn't seem to have them and the meeting site doesn't have anything for this year.