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Hope for US RWing?


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    Trevor Barron just got 3rd in the Millrose Mile Walk in 6:03.48. This is the fastest time by a US HS boy indoor or outdoors ever!


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      New US Jr Record for Trevor Barron, who broke his 20 km time from last year finishing in 1:31:51 today in Arizona. This is 7:24/mile for 12.4 or 4:36/km for 20.


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        Originally posted by MJR
        This is 7:24/mile for 12.4 or 4:36/km for 20.
        I can respect that.


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          Personally I have not the slightest interest in Walking and cannot fathom its place in Track and Field .
          However over here they like their walking and in good old Gloucestershire it's very popular pastime for all ages.
          There is I believe a sort of world champs in walking; long may it reign if it gives pleasure to competitors and watchers. I would much rather watch paint dry.


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            Originally posted by 72
            Personally I have not the slightest interest in Walking
            Yet, you felt so compelled to comment on something you have no interest in...totally baffling! 8-)


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              Originally posted by Conor Dary
              Going from A to B as fast as you can while keeping one leg straight, seems pretty silly, not to mention keeping one foot on the ground, which no one does anymore.

              Why not races where you have to keep your arms straight out at your sides?
              That pretty much describes the arbitrary distinctions between the swimming strokes... and few people call for the exicing of butterfly, breaststroke and backstroke from the program (other than me!!)

              For that matter, how silly is it that we put those barriers in the way of the hurdlers, have rules in high jumping etc?


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                I don't begrudge or criticize anyone's choice of sport or event and I definitely respect the times racewalkers achieve.


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                  Re: Hope for US RWing?

                  Latest Trevor Barron update:

                  He set a new US Jr. Record today (Sunday) at the San Diego 5,000m race walk competition at Cuyamaca College.

                  Trevor Barron walked his way to a 44 second PR and a new US Jr. Record with his winning time of 20:06. Andreas Gustaffson was second in a time of 20:10, and Tim Seaman was 3rd in a time of 20:46.

                  For the ladies, Rachel Seaman won the race in a time of 22:45, while Katie Burnett walked a 25:37 to qualify for the USATF Outdoor Nationals. Third place was Lily Cordova of Chula Vista, CA with her PR time of 29:13.

                  Here are the top three results:

                  1. Trevor Barron, NYAC, 20:06 - PR
                  2. Andreas Gustaffson, Sweden, 20:10 - PR
                  3. Tim Seaman, NYAC, 20:46

                  1. Rachel Seaman, Ontario Race walkers, 22:45
                  2. Katie Burnett, Champions International, 25:37 - PR
                  3. Lily Cordova, Champions International, 29:13 – PR