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    Re: (Introduction.)

    Did you say "?" or "!!!"? It's all so confusing?!?!


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      Re: (Introduction.)

      howdy all...i'm gabe webb from arkansas, and i'm onle 14..jes start runnin da mile fer my new hs, bill clintin hi....

      coach sez I got potencial, can be the best thar evr wuz...almus broak 4 las week....

      got two herrros fur me....

      maybee i race agin em real soon..mabe we 3 be in the olempics and sjow em all how good usa runnin realy be...


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        Re: (Introduction.)

        Hey there everybody
        Please don’t romp or roam
        We’re a little nervous
        ’cause we’re so far from home
        So this is what to do
        Sit back and let us through
        And let us work on you

        We’ve all spent years preparing
        Before this group was born
        With heaven’s help it mended
        And we do thank the lord

        Now we put you through the changes
        And turned around the mood
        We hope it struck you different
        And hope you feel moved
        So forget all of your troubles
        As we search for something new
        And we play for you

        - Chicago


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          Re: (Introduction.)

          When I saw the title of this thread, the song by Chicago was my first thought, too! (first song on side 1 of the the double album "Chicago Transit Authority")


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            Re: (Introduction.)

            >his legal name is now.... ?


            From the link:

            "Calling themselves ? and the Mysterians, they came up with a song called 69 Tears but later changed its name to 96 Tears due to concerns that the original title might cause some radio station programmers to avoid giving the song airplay."

            I did not know that...


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              Re: (Introduction.)

              I guess it truly is winter, no track in sight (athough it mid 70s here in Santa Clara Valley).

              Is bill clinton hi like an Arkansas howdy?

              96 Tears sucked.


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                Re: (Introduction.)

                CRY , cry , cry 96 tears--- Those oldies but goodieS---REMIND me of you


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                  Re: (Introduction.)

                  Ok, so who would have won a one mile match race between Ray Bumpas, Jon Gill, Question Mark, the other Mysterians,Wilt Chamberlain, Edwin Moses, and an average 26 year with 3 months of training? And how fast would each one's reaction time have been if they ran from pressure sensitized blocks?