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Aviva Grand Prix, Birmingham, Feb 21


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  • Aviva Grand Prix, Birmingham, Feb 21

    Start lists and results here:

    Some of the more interesting clashes:

    60 - Williamson, Pickering, Collins, Jelks, Padgett, Ivory Williams
    400 - Christopher, Carter, Wissman, McCoy, Willie, Buck
    800 - Bungei, Chepkirwok
    1500 - Choge, Silva, Lagat, Myers
    3000 - Farah, Korir, Maaroufit
    60H - Sands, Turner, Atkins, Brown, Oliver, Payne, Faulk
    TJ - Sands, Gregorio, Giralt, Davis, Roulhac (Idowu DNS)
    HJ - Ukhov, Jonas, Manson, Oni, Bernard

    60 - Sturrup, Ania, Ohuruogu, Harrigan, Durst, Jeter, Lolo Jones, Angela Williams
    200 - Ohuruogu, Chermoshanskaya, Fraser
    800 - Meadows, Okoro, Griffiths
    1500 - Jamal, Panteleyeva, England
    3000 - Cheruiyot, Augusto, Mrisho
    60H - Jones, Fountain, Davis, Carruthers, O'Rourke, Claxton, Tejeda
    PV - Isinbayeva, Murer, Golubchikova, Kiryashova, Dragila
    3 event - Bogdanova, Dobrynska, Jimoh, Johnson (Sotherton DNS)

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    1) Jamal 4:02.73
    2) Scott 4:09 or so.


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      a live link for internet viewing?
      - Yelena Isinbayeva -11000+ photos - 250+ videos-


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        1:59.27 for Marilyn Okoro in the 800m, with 1:59.52 for Jenny Meadows in 2nd. Second and third fastest times in the world so far indoors and Okoro just 6 hundredths away from Kelly Holmes' UK record!


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          7.82 for Lolo Jones in the w60mH after a 7.2x in the 60m flat. Looking very good, it's a shame there's no worlds for her to win this winter.

          By the way, BBC commentary said Jamal was 2 seconds up on the 3:58 WR pace at 800m but couldn't sustain the pace beyond 600m to go. If she'd been pushed she could definitely run faster than 4:02. FSU alum Hannah England ran a new indoor PB of 4:09.x


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            Jones ran 7.37 in the heats I believe.


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              I stand corrected! :lol:

              Choge had the beating of Lagat in the m1500m, who managed to do something to his ankle on the inside rail.

              Yvette Lewis of the USA has been really impressive in the 3 event challenge - 6.29m indoor PR in the LJ, and has just won the 60mH in 8.08 which is just outside her PB apparently. I'd not heard of her but the commentators on the BBC say she was a triple jumper?


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                Originally posted by AthleticsInBritain
                Yvette Lewis of the USA... I'd not heard of her but the commentators on the BBC say she was a triple jumper?
                Though not much of one, by the looks of her profile - has 'multi' written all over her...!

       ... index.html


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                  7.11 for Carmelita Jeter in the w60m to beat Tahesia Harrigan and Angela Williams! WL by a long way.


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                    Xavier Carter 4th in the 400m in 47.02, behind Tyler Christopher, Richard Buck, and Johann Wissman.
                    Can we finally give up on 'the next superstar talk' about this guy?!


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                      Vivien Cheruiyot runs the non-rabbit WR (maybe) of 8:30.53 in the 3k. Solo run all the way looking very good.


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                        Andra Manson is quietly having a great winter. This is his second 7'7 (2.31) that I've seen.


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                          mo farah

                          7.34.47 13th best ever and 2nd euro performance

                          and he's cute :-)
                          i deserve extra credit


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                            Originally posted by AthleticsInBritain
                            Vivien Cheruiyot runs the non-rabbit WR (maybe) of 8:30.53 in the 3k. Solo run all the way looking very good.
                            I'm pleased for her - she's adorable!

                            Btw what a day for the British
                            -Okoro 1:59.25 PB and Meadows 1:59.52 PB
                            -Williamson 6.53 PB (Pickering 6.58 h)
                            -Dennison 4.45 PB and NR (Lyons 4.30m PB)
                            -Farah 7:34 NR and the moral European record-holder
                            -Ohuruogu winning the 200m
                            -Buck 46.22 PB

                            After the National Indoors, I was worried but this is promising.


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                              Guess who's electric cut out half an hour before the end and therefore missed Mo's fantastic new UK record? Aaaarrrggghh!!! There were loads of PBs behind him as well for Nick McCormick (who ran 7:50). Let's hope it's on iPlayer (haven't had a chance to check yet).

                              I'm no expert on the indoor to outdoor conversion for distances, but I would've thought Farah's 7:34 was at least equal to Moorcroft's 7:32 outdoor record. Do any of the science dudes agree?