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    Hahahahaha the last five years! Try ever! American record only bested by the best of the best.
    7.84 is not mind blowing. Very good for sure. But she ran similar last year as Candice Davis ran 7.90


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      The all-time U.S. list:

      7.74 Gail Devers (Nike) 03/01/03
      7.77 Lolo Jones (Asics) 02/10/08
      7.81 Jackie Joyner-Kersee (WC) 02/05/89
      7.83 Melissa Morrison (Reeb) 02/22/98
      Joanna Hayes (Nike) 03/07/04
      7.84 Cheryl Dickey (Nike) 03/09/97
      Kim Carson (Nike) 02/02/02
      Ginnie Powell (USC) 03/10/06
      7.85 Anjanette Kirkland (Nike) 03/09/01
      7.86 Michelle Perry (Nike) 02/12/06


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        Since there is no indoor World Champs this year, would USATF been smart to move the meet one week later, and attract some college athletes? That might have helped boost attendance (athletes and spectators).


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          given how so many modern college coaches seem to want to eschew actual competition as much as possible, I'm ssuspecting that about all they'd get would be the same people who are chasing last-minute qualifiers this weekend. Suspect most of the superstars would be sitting at home.


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            I think gh is right. For most of the top athletes, there's no reason to compete on the weekend between their conference meet and the NCAA nationals. Why compete (and in most cases travel) three weekends in a row?


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              Originally posted by twinpeeks
              I think others can. Smoke is correct in his (response)- athletes with 100m H best of -12.60 should be able to run 7.84. The tendency is that many just don't drop down to train for indoor events.

              Originally posted by Powell
              You're making it sound like half a dozen American women run 7.84 every week. In fact, Lolo is the only USAnian who's done it in the last 5 years.
              nice call

              i'd reckon a decent thumb-rule is

              100m time = (2*60m time) - 3.10

     ... 861#255861

              ( albeit kallur much, much better at 60 ( or she was going to run 12.26 in peking ) & gail much better at 100 or just didn't run enough 60s )

              lolo's 7.77/12.43 is close