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Dwain Implicates Regis!!!


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  • Dwain Implicates Regis!!!

    I can't believe no one is talking about this.

    Apparently in Dwain's new book he says that John Regis knew all along :shock: ... john-regis

    Obviously John is denying it.

    It's impossible for us to know the truth but I know who I believe. In fact my long time theory seems to have been validated.

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    Re: Dwain Implicated Regis!!!

    Originally posted by Flumpy
    In fact my long time theory seems to have been validated.
    Everyone laughed at José Canseco too. :shock:

    So what's this theory? Or can't it be posted?


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      it's a minor story ( in telegraph as well )

      when i saw the headline in the telegraph, i thought it was going to be dwayne
      accusing regis of taking drugs !

      well, back to actual story - assuming regis is getting a 10% cut, then it's a tricky situation for him :

      - be honest & take less commision overall

      - turn a blind eye to dwayne & make more money


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          Re: Dwain Implicated Regis!!!

          Originally posted by Daisy

          So what's this theory? Or can't it be posted?
          Not without libelling people which of course I'm not allowed to do (Even if my theory is correct)

          If you read between the lines of the whole Dwain conflama it's always been pretty obvious that there was more to the story than was being let on. It became clear to me after Doreen's meltdown at the Euro's in '06.

          If you see who their coaches/managers were and the differing ways in which they were treated by the press you can see that Campbell's dramatics were about far more than Dwain's postive test and rehabilitation into the team (After all, initially he welcomed him back.)

          I'm hoping far more comes out in the future.


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            Well, the split between the various Nuff Respect people is fairly well known. I always put it down to that.

            I don't know enough about elite circles to know who the best coaches are (although I'd obviously heard of people like Clive Hart and John Smith, etc). I always wondered by Dwain left Britain to go work with Remi Korchemny who I'd not heard of before. Presumably Korchemny had a good reputation as a sprint coach?

            I find all these things very Alice in Wonderland. These are as yet unsubstantiated allegations so we need to be very careful with what we say.


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              Read Pat Butcher's blog on the front page. He closes with this pointed zinger:

              <<...Since lawyers have been evoked, I’ll keep quiet on this one, except to wonder who told Regis it was a slur on his character, because he’d have been hard put to figure it out for himself?...>>


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                Ouch, gh! :lol: Pat Butcher doesn't pull his punches, does he?


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                  i'm obviously no DC fan but the fact that he has actually come out and named names made me slightly more sympathetic for about 5 mins untill i remembered that once again we are going into a major champs and ALL the talk is going to be about DC and drugs :evil: :evil:

                  i am sick and tired of his self serving, attention seeking, victim act according to the book which i called 'Race against me' all the negativity is because he's black !!! no it's because he is an arrogant, greedy, selfish, cheat.
                  i deserve extra credit


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                    I see your point Mump, but equally I dont blame DC from trying to make some money out of this. I really don't like the way he has been demonised, yet Myerscough and Whitlock, amongst others, were welcomed back into the team.

                    On the Regis front, what's new? Get with the programme guys! Christie, Regis, Merry, Baulch, Chambers...pah!


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                      I think it is surprising that no-one has made the Regis points before. I have heard a couple of people muttering about the situation.

                      What also surprises me a bit (slightly off tangent) is the Big O's continued association with Nuff Respect. An unwise move for her.


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                        Originally posted by Brettboy
                        I really don't like the way he has been demonised, yet Myerscough and Whitlock, amongst others, were welcomed back into the team.
                        I believe they were given pretty much the same treatment. The difference is Myerscough accepted his Olympic ban and lack of invitations to GP meets with good grace, while Chambers started a big campaign claiming he was unfairly singled out.
                        Było smaszno, a jaszmije smukwijne...


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                          And also Chambers has a far higher profile - firstly because he competes in the sprints, and secondly because he is right up there with the world's best. Myerscough had one or two good years and has now slumped back to the 20m level. He is also based in the US for most of the year, so again has less exposure. Whitlock is a retired pole vaulter who was never really competitive on the world stage anyway. Also, as little as we know about Myerscough's & Whitlock's cases, I'd be willing to bet the extent of their drug taking was never as extreme as Chambers. It's little wonder why they don't receive as much bad publicity.


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                            While he may seem to some to be whiny, self centered, and posture himself as a martyr, I'm somewhat surprised that he isn't more embraced by the IAAF, WADA, and IOC. He was caught, served his sentence, and is now back to running as good or better than ever while being drug free. They could use him as a poster boy for an anti-drug campaign; how drugs don't give an athlete any advantage that cannot be achieved legitimately through hard work.


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                              Powell you are dreaming. They were not treated the same in any respect from the beginning. The main reason being, the BALCO link I believe. There are glaring other factors too but I will avoid the controversy lol