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ohio state = team ashley.


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  • ohio state = team ashley.

    i was looking at ohio states womens roster and of the 40 girls on the team 8 or 20% have the first name ashley.

    i read the thread have you seen this before and it gave me the idea to point out all the ashleys on ohio states team? lol

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    When I was in grad school at Florida about 10 years ago, the women's volleyball team had at least 6 named Jen, Jenny, or Jennifer. And there are only about 14 on the volleyball team.


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      My 1948 HS baseball team had five Bill/Billys, four Bob/Bobbys and one Dwayne, our best pitcher. We were not concerned with pitch count in those days but on the rare occasion when Dwayne could not go, he and one of the outfield Billys swapped places.
      Completely irrelevant: Dwayne never left the farm where he was born. Scraped by for thirty years, got rich on oil/gas royalties in the 80s but it did not afffect his lifestyle. He said he figured he would just "farm it up" if he lived long enough.
      Dwayne married Earlene, lifelong sweetheart from the next farm west. Earlene was a prominent pro barrel racer in the 50s and 60s and is still racing at age 78. Her 50 something daughter was still barrel racing until about five years ago when a fractious borrowed horse scraped her off against some steel posts at a rodeo in Wichita Falls. Broke her up pretty bad.. no info whether granddaughter and great-granddaughters are continuing the legacy.

      My favorite Earlene story is from many years ago when she was a tight jeaned "buckle bunny" As she turned the last barrel and headed for the finish line, she leaned forward and whipped her horse. The horse lunged forward, the saddle horn ripped her snap front shirt open, caught under her bra, pulling it up under her chin. Earlene raced to the finish bare chested and unfazed.