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Field Events Coverage or Lack Thereof


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  • Field Events Coverage or Lack Thereof

    I noticed something while watching the indoor meets on ESPN channels. They carry almost all track events in their entirety but only carry highlights of field events if they show the events at all. For example, although ESPN2 had the 2009 USA Track and Field Indoor Championships live on Sunday March 1, they didn't show Jennifer Stuczynski's American record pole vault or the subsequent pole vault attempts live. Instead it was shown as highlights while they even showed the previous days track events in their entirety, or at least showed the progress of the track event while having commercials.

    I bet field event fans want to see more than just highlights. After all it is track AND FIELD.

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    The field event highlights of th UK Glasgow meet on another thread show what can be done to show field event results in a very short time.. even superimposing colored lines on the LH pit, ala football ... why can't US broadcasts do that.?
    The announcer even seems to know his stuff.


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      I got tired of complaining a long time ago. It's a spoke in the wheel of a bigger issue.
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        If time is one reason why field events are shown only in highlights because of commercials,they could do what is done in soccer matchs and have a sponsor bring the events commercial free.